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Tourism guide at Turkey Ottoman VillageIt is one of the villages located in the east of the city of Bursa, on the road to the Turkish capital, Ankara, and these five villages located on the edges of the Elodagh, and the age of this village dates back to nearly 700 years, this village has been able to preserve its history and architectural style until now, and no It changes with them until it still retains the old Ottoman customs and traditions.

The most beautiful places in Turkey, the Ottoman village:

It is the village of Gomali Kizik, which has now become one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, and an exhibition that includes many ancient historical things is held in this village, and it also has a distinct festival every year that is held by it, which is the berries festival in the month of June every year.
This village is a very important destination for all directors and photographers of TV programs and ancient historical series, as they are photographing in all works, as it is the only village that retains the history and authenticity of the past.

Specifications of the houses of this village:

  • The houses of this village were built of wood and stones. Most of these houses were of three floors. You can enter the house through a wooden door with two wings that takes you to the courtyard of the house paved with dirt or stones. As for the ground floor, it represented the winter floor, meaning that the family was sitting in this The house in winter and the roof was from to wood.
  • As for the second floor, it is the summer floor, and its roof was high for ventilation, and the third floor was exposed, and rock materials were used with wood in the ground layers, while the upper layers were made of wood with bricks, while the last floor was made of wood with brick .
  • The walls of these houses were often colored yellow, blue, or white, and they adhered to the traditions of the Hermelk, meaning that there were no windows on the ground floor to preserve the deprivation of the people in the house.
  • This village contains only 270 houses, most of which are used for housing so far, and about 70 houses remain for restoration and viewing of tourists.

The best activities you can do when visiting the old Ottoman village:

1-You can take a tour of the houses and streets of this city in order to get to know the history of this city and take memorial photos with the old Ottoman houses.
2- If you want to have a traditional breakfast in the old Ottoman style, you can go to one of the restaurants in this village that offers a large range of homemade dishes made from natural materials without any artificial additives, and one of the most delicious Ottoman dishes you eat there is a safe dish .
3- If you want to get Ottoman products or textiles and gifts that were manually operated in the old Ottoman style, you can go to the village market, which takes place in the main village square and displays a large group of accessories and Turkish crafts, and do not forget in the end to take natural honey that You will not find him like him.
4-You can visit the remains of the Byzantine Coptic Church, which was discovered in 1969 AD and is located in the east of the village, but the true history of this church dates back to nearly a thousand years.
5- You can rent a hotel near the old Ottoman village as it is very close to the city of Bursa, so we recommend that you book a hotel in Bursa which is only about ten minutes away from the village, and do not forget to go there in June in order to see The Berry Festival, which is held only there annually.

The location of the Ottoman village in Bursa:

Jumali Kizik village is located the old Ottoman village just 10 km east of Bursa, so you can reach it easily by riding the metro and get off at a station called Jumali Kizik, then you can walk for a few minutes in order to explore that village The Ottoman Empire, which will take you to about 700 years from the past, but if you cannot walk you can ride one of the buses that pass from there and a market that connects you to the heart of the village.
So if you intend to visit Turkey do not forget to visit the old Ottoman village and take memorial photos that will take you on a quick trip to the ancient Ottoman era.



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