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The Turkish Republic is located in the Middle East, where it is bordered by Armenia and Iran on the eastern side. As for the northern side, it is determined by the State of Georgia, in addition to the Black Sea, while it is bordered on the south by the Iraqi and Syrian Republics in addition to the Mediterranean, and finally Turkey shares its borders. Western with Bulgaria, Greece and the Aegean Sea.
The area of ​​the country is estimated at about eight hundred thousand square kilometers, while its capital is the city of Ankara, while Istanbul is the largest city in it. The Turkish language is the official language in it, and the Turkish lira is its official currency, and finally the population is estimated at about seventy-six million and six hundred thousand people.

Tourism in it

Because Turkey has many important and distinctive features, with a picturesque nature, and great tourist facilities, it has been able to put its mark on the global tourism map significantly, as Turkey ranked sixth in the world in the list of the most important tourist countries, and was also able to attract millions of tourists, according to the figures of the year Two thousand and eleven. Thirty-two million foreign tourists chose Turkey as their tourist destination in that year.

Its most important tourist attractions

Among the most important tourist areas in Turkey:

  • Blue Mosque: This mosque is located in Istanbul, and was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixteen AD, the Blue Mosque is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Turkey, as it attracts a large number of visitors, and it is also called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
  • Suleymaniye MosqueThis mosque was built in the year one thousand five hundred and fifty-eight AD, by order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and it was built and supervised by the architect Mimar San, which is one of the most important Turkish tourist attractions at all, because of the historical importance it possesses.
  • Sudoshan Waterfall: This waterfall is a few kilometers away from the village called Uzanibar, where it is characterized by its striking natural beauty and the beauty of the road leading to it, where this road is used for walking and hiking by many.
  • Chinarcık Province: This province is one of the most popular popular resorts located in the Sea of ​​Marmara region, as it is characterized by its high attractiveness, the ability to reach it with complete ease, and it also contains many tourist centers that are open throughout the year.
  • Covered marketThis market was built in the year one thousand four hundred and sixty-one AD, on an area of ​​land estimated at about thirty thousand square meters. Hence, this market is one of the largest markets in the world, and the number of its visitors according to estimates and expectations reaches about half a million visitors daily. In the tourist seasons, many things can be purchased from this market, such as souvenirs, clothes, etc.


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