Tourism in Ukraine and the most important monuments

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Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe, and its political system is a semi-presidential republic with separation in the executive, legislative, and judicial powers, bordered to the east by the Russian Federation, to the west by Poland and Slovakia, to the north by Belarus, to the southwest by Romania, Moldova, and to the south by the Black Sea And the Azov Sea, Ukraine consists of 24 provinces, and Sevastopol includes the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and it is worth noting that it has the second largest army in Europe after Russia.

Economy of Ukraine

The Ukrainian economy is the second most powerful economy after Russia. The Soviet Union relied on the exports of this country and its production previously to increase its financial and economic strength. At the present time, Ukraine was able to restore its economic strength after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it currently produces satellite transportation, and many types From cars, it also exports abundant amounts of natural gas, oil, and multiple sources of energy.

Tourism in Ukraine

National War Museum

It is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kiev, as it is located inside the Pechersk region, and it is one of the museums of the Soviet memory, and it is one of the largest museums in Ukraine with 300,000 artifacts, and the most famous of these pieces is the statue of the motherland.

Ukraine National Opera House

The National Opera House is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Ukraine, where it was established in 1867 AD, as it is considered an architectural masterpiece that offers great opera performances.

Central Botanical Garden

The botanical garden was built in 1963 AD, and contains more than 13000 types of roses, shrubs, flowers, and various plants, and it is one of the most quiet areas recommended to visit in Ukraine.

Landscape Alley

This alley is considered one of the tourist attractions in Ukraine, where it collects modern sculptures and highlights a creative and genius profile in sculpture.

Pirogov Museum

The Pirogov Museum is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, and it is located in an area of ​​370 acres, and contains information on popular life in Ukraine. It also contains nearly 300 artifacts belonging to various civilizations, such as: carpets, textiles, wood, fashion, and crafts Handmade.

Khreshchatyk Street

Khreshchatyk Street is one of the most important main streets in Kiev, with many restaurants, shops and cafes. This street is the beating heart of all shopping areas in Kiev, as it is characterized as the most expensive shopping streets in Europe.

Note: Ukraine ranked eighth in the world in terms of the number of visitors and tourists, according to the classification of the World Tourism Organization, and tourism increased in it after its separation from the Soviet Union in 1991.


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