Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Ukraine for the Saudis, if you are a fan of travel to nature, and also excited to visit the sweetest European countries, it is necessary to go to Ukraine because it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that many prefer lovers of nature and beauty, and also there are the Ukrainian people who are characterized by splendor and beauty You will listen a lot with them, Arab travelers introduce you to tourism in Ukraine.

Tourism in Ukraine for the Saudis

Ukraine is one of the eastern European countries, it is located between Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, and in the north there are Belarus and its south the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, and Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city, the rains that reach the extent of ice fall during the winter months and the heat reaches the level of coldness. In summer the temperature is moderate, and it is one of the most popular European countries for tourists, as it ranks eighth on the world in terms of tourism.

When you obtain a visa to visit Ukraine you can roam freely in it for a period of ninety days, the official currencies circulating in Ukraine are Ukrainian hryvnia, and also you can use the dollar or the euro but it is preferable to deal in the main currency of the country, the official language in it is the Ukrainian language, but there are some residents who They use the Russian language, which is the border city with Russia, and also the English language commonly used there.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ukraine

Tourism and entertainment in Kiev

Kiev is one of the most beautiful tourist places in which there are a lot of beautiful landscapes and very magnificence, wonderful and spacious gardens on the Dnipro River, and also there are many tourist places that deserve to be visited, there are many markets with the cheapest prices in Europe, and one of the most important Tourist places:

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites, and as recognized by UNESCO, it contains many wonderful murals.
  • The Golden Gate It is an ancient gate that was built for the good of the city, and it is one of the most important design of the Byzantine style, between 1017 to 1024 AD.
  • Kiev Lavra It is one of the oldest structures in Kiev, and it is a complex for many churches. It was founded in 1051 AD in the reign of Prince Aroslav Hakim.
  • National Museum of Art One of the largest museums in Ukraine, which displays the history of Ukrainian art through a large number of sculptures, and paintings from the ninth century until this century, numbering them up to forty thousand rare pieces.
  • Ukraine History Museum in Kiev Founded in 1944 AD contains 800 thousand rare art pieces from Ukrainian history, and there are also a large number of motifs, ancient weapons, glass and many others.
  • National Opera House It is considered the third oldest opera on the world level, offering the most famous types of performances in the world, founded in 1867.
  • Khreshchatyk Street It is the main and main streets of Kiev, it contains the most famous market, which is Besarabsky, it has all the shops you need and also many cafes and restaurants.
  • Landscape District Among the most beautiful neighborhoods in Ukraine, there are many modern and wonderful sculptures, and there is also genius in sculpture.

Tourism in Odessa

It is the sweetest city of the Black Sea coast, which is characterized by its beautiful and wonderful nature and its mild climate that is the reason for attracting many tourists, to enjoy and relax on these beaches, there are a lot of restaurants that exist near the sea, they also have the most beautiful Ukrainian streets, the hotels there are distinct and offer the best Types of services in the world.

Tourism in Yalta

It is also one of the cities located on the coast of the Crimean Peninsula, surrounded by two rivers, the Balta is the mouth of them, and they are the Yerikoiki River and the Ochansu River, so there are many waterfalls that are very beautiful and pleasant to look at.

Tourism in Chernihiv

It is the oldest Ukrainian city that is distinguished by its ancient history that dates back to the seventh century AD. Chernihiv is located on the Desna River, and it contains the oldest churches such as Catherine Church, the Church located and other wonderful old buildings.

Tourism in Palanok

Blanok Castle is famous as Mukachevo Castle, which is a castle built in the 14th century and is located in the western Oblast of the state of Zakarpattia province, and it is one of the most important historical monuments of Ukraine and was once considered a city fortress, built on a high volcanic hill with a height of 68 meters, and it has three main parts, and they are the main castle Medium and high.

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