Tourism in Ukraine for young people and families

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Guide to the best places of tourism in Ukraine for young people and families, Ukraine is located in the region separating eastern and central Europe, and there are borders separating it from Russia, and from the southern side Ukraine overlooks the Black Sea, and its capital is Kiev and the two most important cities in terms of ranking in the tourist position are my cities “Odessa and Lviv”.
Historically, Ukraine is a major ancient center of medieval Slavic civilization in the Middle Ages and it was divided by several countries known for its strength, and its colonization continued for nearly 5000 years BC, and a distinctive sign in the history of Ukraine was its separation from the Soviet Union in 1991 AD.
And that changed the course of tourism in Ukraine, to which all of the important historical events are joined, the demonstrations of Euro Square in 2013 and the separation of Crimea and the crisis in eastern Ukraine, all of which negatively affected the numbers of incoming tourism to Ukraine.
The official currency of Ukraine is “Ukrainian hryvnia” and its official language is “Ukrainian language” followed by use of the Russian language, followed by English, and traveling to Ukraine requires obtaining a Ukraine visa through the Ukrainian embassy.

Tourism in Ukraine for youth and families:

Among the most important advantages in general are the presence of Carpathian Mountains that are well suited for skiing and hobby hiking, as well as the possibility of fishing, and the advantage of Ukraine’s view of the Black Sea suitable for fishing thanks to its good atmosphere.
In addition to the presence of a number of tourist attractions and religious sites, including St. Sophia Cathedral, it also has a charming natural appearance, where beautiful beaches, dense forests and charming mountain plains.

The most important tourist places in Ukraine:

Kiev is the most important and richest tourist centers in terms of the wonderful attractions that we mention

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral:

It is located in the center of the capital, which is considered a world heritage site, where UNESCO considered it a world heritage site, which reflects the splendor of the architecture, with its distinctive wall designs.

  • The Golden Gate:

It is an ancient gateway representing the road to the fortress of the city and was built by Yaroslav the Wise, and it bears the character of a unique Byzantine style.

  • How to:

A group of temples and churches located to the east of the city center, which was also established in the era of the Wise Yaroslav.

  • National Museum of Art:

It is one of the greatest and largest museums in the capital of Kiev, as it reflects the Ukrainian history and the development of its art through its exhibits, which reach forty thousand masterpieces of exquisite manufacture.

  • History of Ukraine Museum:

The Museum of History of Ukraine is the truest history book that tells the story of Ukraine through its works of art, weapons and glassware, all of which unite to be a witness to the history and culture of Ukraine.

  • St. Michael’s Cathedral:

This important cathedral is located on Trukhsviatytselska street and dates back to the medieval era and is considered one of the most important historical and tourist attractions.

  • Odessa city:

Located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is characterized by its charming nature, as well as a large number of tourist attractions that attract tourism.

  • Yalta city:

It is located on the coast of Crimea and has two rivers, namely the Yreikwiki River and the Ochansu River, which gives the city a distinguished position and a wonderful appearance making it among the most desirable cities of tourists.

  • Chernihiv city:

It is an ancient city that has its roots in the depth of history, as some of its features date back to the seventh century AD, and it includes important tourist attractions, including Catherine Church and the church located in the Red Square.

  • Palanok Castle:

It is a historically ancient castle located in the city of Mukachev, also called Mukachevo Castle, and is one of the most important landmarks of Ukrainian tourism. It is built on a hill of volcanic nature, reaching a height of 86 meters. It was a fortress to protect the city, and you can use it to enjoy interesting sights of the city around you.

The cost of tourism in Ukraine:

Ukraine is one of the countries that enjoy low cost of tourism, and provides relatively inexpensive markets, as it includes the finest and most luxurious tourist hotels in which there are also good hotels at moderate and appropriate prices, and for means of transportation within the state of Ukraine, in which public transportation such as trains, buses and others are available.


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