Tourism in Umbria, Italy .. The city has many wonderful landscapes, such as green areas, hills, olive groves and vineyards, so you cannot miss hiking.

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Tourism in Umbria, Italy.

Tourism in Umbria, ItalyTourism in Umbria, Italy, dear the tourist, although Umbria Italy does not gain fame like any other cities, but that does not reduce it being a beautiful tourist area to provide tourist attractions that attract the admiration of tourists, because of the landscapes that capture the hearts, you should go to the forests and sunflower fields And the sunny groves as the city owns wonderful natural reserves with different types of wild animals and also has a long history, so we recommend that this city be among your list of visits in Italy. To visit it you have to book flights and go to its international airport then you have an independent visit to this Dad for your residence in the city center.

Travel to Umbria Italy .. Find out the best times to visit Umbria ..

Find out the best times to visit Umbria
Know the best times to visit Umbria, dear tourist. The weather in Umbria helps to tour it all year round, and the best time to visit it is the spring, when the city is in its most beautiful form, with beautiful valleys and mountains that fill its foothills with plants.

“Lake Trasimeno” .. the most beautiful tourist places in Umbria Italy ..

Lake TrasimenoLake Trasimeno is located on the border with Tuscany near Villa Monte and has an area of ​​128 square kilometers, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places due to its wonderful views of the mountains and green valleys and olive trees that number up to 3000 trees and some age up to 200 years and fields Shami worshipers and oak trees, as it is surrounded by medieval monuments so it is an ideal destination for hiking and taking memorial photos and of course you have to ride a boat to go out and fishing, you can ride bicycles in front of it or ride four-wheel drives and we advise you to eat a meal in front of it especially a meal the Dinner .

“Cascate delle Marmore”: the best tourist attractions in Umbria, Italy.

Cascate delle Marmore falls Cascate delle Marmore Cascate delle Marmore is considered the largest industrial waterfall in the continent of Europe and was built in the era of the Romens, it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city. Do not miss her to practice many distinguished recreational activities such as hiking in front of it and cycling and taking memorial photos with her .

“Piazza del Popolo” .. the most important tourist places in Umbria Italy ..

You should visit it, dear tourist, in the early morning to sit in one of its cafes, eat a delicious italyn bakery, along with a cup of coffee, get to know the locals, and buy souvenirs from handmade products, as the square has workshops for its manufacture along with the beauty of the architecture in it.

“Villages of Umbria” .. the best places of tourism in Umbria Italy ..

Umbria villages Umbria Villages Umbria includes a group of beautiful villages that are worth a visit, such as Gubbio, Folino, Spoleto and Todi, when you visit you will enjoy wandering in their streets where the atmosphere is refreshing and the scenery is wonderful.

Historic places .. the best tourist places in Umbria Italy.

Dear tourist, as we explained, the city has a set of historical monuments, and we advise you to visit it especially the old Romen buildings such as tombs, baths, roads, terraces and old houses.

Assisi, the most important tourist attraction in Umbria, Italy.

Assisi regionAssisi region is located 50 km from Villa Monti, this region is famous for its local popularity so you will get to know the local people as it is an important cultural and historical destination so it was nominated to become the capital of culture in 2020 AD, you have to walk around its alleys and take memorial photos for it in particular It is located on a plateau, as there are small restaurants serving delicious italyn cuisine.

“Attending the Umbria Festivals” ..

Dear tourists, one of the best recreational activities that you can do is to attend the festivals that take place as the Umbria Jazz Festival that takes place in Perugia in July of each year since 1973 AD, alongside festivals that offer classical music and opera.

Residence in Umbria .. Villa Monte Solare ..

Villa Monte SolareVilla Monte Solare Dear tourist, This name is a wonderful place to stay in terms of elegance and ancient heritage, this building dates back to the eighteenth century and is characterized by surrounding olive trees and lemons for him, this building was for one of the dignitaries in the past and is now turned into a “boutique” hotel consisting Of 25 rooms and characterized by maintaining its decor and furniture so far.
It is not just a place to live, it is an entertainment destination that sees historical and medical places. It also provides a health center that offers a lot of treatments and has a swimming pigeon next to the mountain where green valleys are located. There is a school for cooking cooking that emits delicious scents. You can join one lesson to be able to green italyn pasta. Try delicious pasta dishes and also there is a meal of pasta for farmers, which the hotel offers in a delicious way, to reach the villa you have to cross a path filled with beautiful valleys.

Traveling to Umbria, Italy .. Learn about the best food and best restaurants in Umbria ..

  Learn about the most delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in UmbriaLearn about the best cuisine and the best restaurants in Umbria Azizi, the tourist Umbria has a kitchen that offers a variety of foods and depends on local olive oil and vegetables such as beans and meat, as for the best restaurants, we recommend you to try the “Dolium” restaurant This restaurant is characterized by its presentation of delicious traditional dishes as the menus change on According to the season, as the dependence is on local agricultural products. Also, the “Tratoria Bruno Cubita” restaurant is located in the Chita della Pieve region, but you must pre-book before going to it because the restaurant is very crowded, it is characterized by serving italyn foods of all kinds, especially meat and pizza. He was also distinguished for maintaining his traditional style and working as housewives, and they are called “mamas”.

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