Tourism in Vanuatu … the most beautiful tourist places

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Tourism on Vanuatu Island is considered one of the most important sources within this island, which is an island located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, and this island comes in the form of number seven on the map, and is characterized by a tropical climate in the period ranging from May to October, and rains abound in the rest of Almost months, this island is a popular destination for many tourists.

The most important places of tourism in Vanuatu

Mount Yasur

Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist places - Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist placesTourism on Vanuatu Island is a volcano found on Vanuatu Island, and this volcano is located near Silver Bay on the coast, where it rises above sea level 361 meters, and one of the most distinguishing features of this volcano is that it contains a cone of lava, and this volcano was one of the volcanoes Active in the Pleistocene era, and the glow and activity of this volcano was one of the factors attracting visitors to it and the first thing that attracted to this volcano is Captain James Cook in 1774, and this was done during the first European trip to Vanuatu Island, and then began visits to it, until the volcano has become now Among the holy places that people visit, is Wei It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Vanuatu Island, and can be easily reached by visitors. The government has allowed inside Vanuatu Island to see limited levels of the volcano, where the government has divided the volcano into five levels, which are: Level zero, which is one of the most safe and permitted levels to reach By the government where the volcano activity at this level is low, the level is one, and it is the second permitted level to be reached and authorized to be seen by the Vanuatu government as the volcano activity at this level is normal. The level is two, which is the third level and is not allowed to reach it, where In this touch The activity of the volcano ranges from moderate to high, when the volcano is high, lava, as well as volcano bombs, may reach beyond the crater. Level Three, the level at which the summit is closed, is not authorized to reach it, where the volcano is at this highly explosive level. Level Four One of the most dangerous and dangerous levels, which is the last level where the moment of the volcano erupts and is not authorized to reach this dangerous level, as the eruption affects different places of Vanuatu Island in this level. Therefore, care must be taken to go to this volcano, but despite this Risks except that he is well insured and not Fly to the health of visitors as long as they follow the advice, in addition to watching the lava and volcano activity in the first safe levels, it is one of the most magnificent scenery that attracts the eyes of its viewers. Read also: Tourism in Fiji

Yakel Village

1581229809 99 Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist places - Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist placesTourist places on Vanuatu Island, which is a small village located in Vanuatu Island, which is the destination of many visitors and it is a traditional village that sticks to the ancient heritage away from influence as well as western pollutants, and when visitors go to this village, the village leader receives them himself, and one of the characteristics of this leader is that he can speak English Especially to say that he is the only one who speaks English inside this village, and this leader extends a warm welcome to your visitors, then your journey begins inside this beautiful city, where you start on a journey through the attractive city streets full of interesting houses where they were made m The leaves and huts are surprising in the hearts of visitors, in addition to the rings that are run by the people of the city and these rings are characterized by fun and entertainment, where a portion of the city is dedicated to performing dances by visitors as well as the city’s local residents, and this area is open to both adults and children, men and women, and is also done Obtaining exquisite sculptures and decorations from these sculptures utensils as well as medical equipment in addition to farming tools such as sickle and other sculptures that are obtained for money, and this city adheres to all the means of ancient heritage so there is no modernity, where That there is no electricity or water inside the houses and that it is obtained from the River Mijawal of the city, and they cannot even read or write, despite that, but they enjoy a very great happiness, and they are characterized by generosity and good hospitality and work to bring pleasure and pleasure to the souls of visitors, this city crosses On originality and heritage, and therefore the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vanuatu.

Blue Cave

1581229809 128 Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist places - Tourism in Vanuatu ... the most beautiful tourist placesThe most important places of tourism on the island of VanuatuThe blue cave is considered one of the most enjoyable and exciting tourist means that attract many visitors who love adventure, as when you arrive at the cave you will meet many caves as well as some old beaches that have been abandoned for many years, before arrival To the blue cave, the visitor will swim for about half a meter, which raises eyebrows in the hearts of visitors, and when you arrive at the blue cave and enter it you will find amazing views, where you will see a grotto about 60 meters in diameter that has been formed by nature, and topped with a lighted column that connects the light To the cave, as this column extends downwards, which adds more pleasure, suspense and excitement due to the amazing effect this lighting brings, but it is advised to visit this cave only for people who enjoy swimming, so that they enjoy enough of the blue cave visit, and the cave is considered Azraq is one of the best places to visit on Vanuatu.


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