New information guide for Victoria Park, which is one of the most important tourist places in Hong Kong, it is one of the prominent public parks of breathtaking beauty in Hong Kong, and it was named after Victoria Park after Queen Victoria, Queen of Britain, and this park is located in Causeway Bay, which is located on the north of Hong Kong Island And the wide area in which the park was created in the past was a haven for fishermen owners of fishing boats when this region was subjected to hurricanes, and in the fifties of the twentieth century, Victoria Park was established and the sanctuary moved to the northern side, and Victoria Park is considered one of the destinations Known by workers and locals as they go on Sunday, which is a day off from work, we will get to know her in more detail on Arab travelers.

Victoria Park Hong Kong:

Victoria Park:

Victoria Park was opened in 1957 and is considered one of the largest open parks in Hong Kong at all, with an area of ​​about 19 hectares, and many resort to this park for the weekend, as well as for a fun time during the free time inside the park, and this is due Because there are many attractive sites and many facilities within the park, and this park opens its doors every day of the week around the clock, and the park is entered for free for all individuals, and this garden was renewed in 2000.

Victoria Park features:

This park contains the statue of Queen Victoria, where this statue was placed at the main entrance to the garden, and these statues were transported with many other statues that were set by Britain to Japan, after Japan imposed its control over Hong Kong, but in 1952 the statue was re-placed and placed In its current location, this park includes many swimming pools and yards for practicing tennis, as well as contains a number of squares designated for children.

The most important things to do in Victoria Park:

  • Victoria Park in Hong Kong receives large numbers of concerts and celebrations, as it is possible to attend any of these celebrations in order to enjoy musical notes in the open air.
  • Victoria Park contains a wonderful collection of the largest flower gardens in Hong Kong, so it is possible to enjoy seeing different types of different colored flowers closely, as well as getting to know the types of these attractive flowers.
  • There are many restaurants near the park, so it is possible to try dining in any of these restaurants that strive to serve traditional Chinese dishes, while serving healthy and delicious food dishes at the same time.
  • Inside the park there is a place for children, where some games show him for children, in order to have a degree of fun and entertainment amid the greenery.
  • It is possible to practice many hobbies in any of the park facilities that were specially prepared for this, and one of the most important facilities that the park contains is the presence of a walking path and stage for the theater, and there are a number of sports facilities and football and basketball courts and there is also a pool complex, in addition to the presence of Children’s playgrounds.



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