Tourism in Vienna

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Tourism in Vienna

The capital of the European Republic of Austria (Vienna) is the most visited city in Europe by tourists, due to its picturesque beauty, history and distinctive location on the banks of the Danube River. And, until now, it is still the most important commercial and cultural center in Austria, and visitors are attracted to it because it contains many historical monuments and legendary art collections, in addition to the luxurious palaces and heritage unique music that it owns, and Vienna is characterized by its traditional architecture and cafes And their types of cakes and sweets.

The most famous tourist place in Vienna

Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg Palace is considered the most important historical palace in Vienna, and it has been the official residence of each Austrian ruler since 1275 AD, and this continued for more than six centuries. The palace consists of 18 groups of buildings on an area of ​​59 acres, and contains 19 courtyards and 2600 rooms. The various buildings in the palace reflect different historical periods because it contains architectural motifs from Gothic architecture, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. The most prominent tourist attractions in the palace are the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection. In addition to the Hofburg Treasury and the large collection of imperial relics Rayya Romanian.

The museum district and the Neobao District

In the cultural Museum District there are many museums and art galleries that are attractive to tourists, as it contains the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Art, which includes a collection of antique artifacts, in addition to the old imperial squares that contain a group of archaeological architectural buildings (MuseumsQuartier) and many Among the cafes, restaurants, pubs and arts arenas, there is also the Austrian National Theater (Burgtheater) which was built in the Renaissance style; in this theater Beethoven and Mozart’s works are exhibited for the first time, in the west of the neighborhood is the Neubau region, which is an incubator for design, fashion and art in Vienna.

Albertina Museum

The Albertina Museum was created in 1768 AD by the Duke Albert (Duke Albert) of the state of Saxe in Teschen who collected 200,000 prints during his lifetime, in addition to 14,000 paintings, including works For the most famous artists such as Dürer and Michelangelo, drawings and prints have been added to the Albert group, until now they are 50 thousand drawings, and a million prints.

The museum includes three main groups that include architecture, photography, and graphic art. The architectural group includes approximately 50,000 manuscripts and an architectural model. The group of photographs contains tens of thousands of photographs, the oldest of which dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. The group of graphic arts and drawings are The largest and most important in the museum, and is displayed in the museum in an order that displays the chronology.

Tips when visiting Vienna

Eat cake

Eating gum is an essential part of any trip to Vienna, with gourmet gourmet delicious and distinctive taste not found in other places, and competition for preparing varieties of Viennese cakes extends to several decades, and Vienna residents are keen to cultivate the main materials for preparing cakes for its tourism importance and preservation.

Watch a show at the opera house

Vienna is the primary destination for anyone with a passion for opera, as the opera is an important symbol of the outstanding musical heritage in the Austrian capital Vienna. The finest performances of classical music, opera and ballet in the world are presented in Vienna, so it is necessary to visit the opera house and enjoy the fine arts that are Submit it.

Take a boat tour on the Danube

Tourists can enjoy the scenic scenery and beautiful architecture in Vienna by taking a cruise in the Danube, and the person can choose the trips that suit him as there are trips for a short period and there are others for a full day to tour the city, and many tourists prefer to stop on the banks of the river for a tour On foot in the valley of the river, which is characterized by a picturesque nature.


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