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Tourism in Vietnam

Despite being one of the poor and emerging countries, Vietnam attracts an increasing number of tourists every year, due to the picturesque nature it contains, the picturesque views of the rice farms spread there, in addition to the kindness and good treatment of its local residents, cheap prices in its popular markets, and their adherence With their civilizational and cultural features that appear in every corner of the country.

The most important tourist areas in Vietnam

Usually the tourist searches for the most impressive and surprising places in the area to which he is heading to make sure to visit during his trip, and the following is an illustration of the most distinguished areas in Vietnam, and the most visited by tourists.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is the most important tourist destination intended for the largest proportion of tourists coming to Vietnam, crossing the Gulf Coast a distance of 120 km along fresh water, and includes thousands of islands covered with trees and spread around each other, to appear as a large forest swimming in the clear Gulf waters, with a presence For a number of hollow islands that are famous for their oblique caves, many are inhabited by hunters.

Thian Mu Temple

Thien Mu is one of the ancient religious symbols in Vietnam, and the building consists of seven layers, which makes it the tallest temple in Vietnam. The temple was built in the sixteenth century with a very simple structure, but it underwent a lot of alteration and restoration during the past centuries, which made its architectural building More unique and sophisticated.

Hoan Kiem Lake

This lake has valuable historical value for the people of Vietnam, given its presence in one of the historical stories, where the golden turtles provided a magic sword in which he managed to defeat the Chinese invaders and expel the Vietnamese lands, according to the prevailing narration in Vietnam, and the lake is considered the first region that the Vietnamese intend to entertain Relax, and receive large numbers of tourists every year.

Mekong River

The Mekong River attracts tourists to it due to its wide area of ​​agricultural land dedicated only to rice cultivation, hikers along the river can enjoy watching the dense rice crops spread everywhere, in addition to the pleasure of moving between the villages surrounding the river through boats crossing the river’s water, which are considered The first way to move between these villages.

Fu Kwok

It is the largest island in Vietnam, distinguished by many islands by coral reefs in its waters, and its clean coastline, as it was classified as one of the cleanest beaches in the world, in addition to the tropical forests that extend along it.

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