Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of England

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The world knew the city of York about 1000 AD, as it was known during the Viking rule and it was called the name “Jorvik” and York was the main capital of the British island, but before the Vikings it was known to the Anglo-Saxons as “Eoferwic”, and it is an appetite and blogger. Historically, Richard II also wanted to make York the capital of England, but he was removed from office and not given time to do so.

Tourism in York

Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art - Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of EnglandYork is considered one of the most important tourist cities in England and indeed in Europe as a whole. This city is famous for its rich heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world, and its history and major political events that took place in various parts of thousands of years ago made it a destination for millions of tourists every General, as the city is famous for its unique historical monuments, and among the most famous of these monuments is the York Minster, as it is characterized by the presence of a variety of cultural and sports activities that qualify it to attract large numbers of tourists around the world. York’s streets are beautiful and always paved for pedestrians, which attracts tourists for walks and hiking or bicycles, and tourists prefer hiking when visiting archaeological sites, restaurants overlooking rivers, learn about the first railroads in the world, and get a number Of shopping tours in more than 2000 shops, and the city of York is famous for its festivals that are held throughout the year, as well as many sports activities, the most important of which is the horse racing championship. Read also: Cheap Arab restaurants in London

Tourist places in York

York city history ..

York dates back to the year 71 AD, when it was founded, and it had become the capital of the Roman province in Britain of the second degree, but later it joined within the kingdoms of Northumbria, and in the period of the Middle Ages, the city of York became famous as one of the most important major commercial centers around the world in trade Wool, as York became the capital of North England, but in the nineteenth century York became a pivotal center for the British rail network, as well as a center for the manufacture of sweets, and the city began to develop until York University and health services became one of the most important institutions containing unemployment, and what Arranged The advancement of the city later that tourism has become an important element in the local economy.

There are many important and distinctive tourist attractions and places that attract tourists to travel to and from York.

Clifford’s Tower

1581227498 959 Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art - Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of EnglandThe Clifford Tower is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in York, and the tower is not considered a separate landmark, but in fact it is part of the York Castle, and that York Castle is a large complex of buildings that range in time from the Clifford Tower that was built in Medieval, among many other buildings built in the twentieth century, and upon entering the castle a tourist can wander around to enjoy the view of the Great York Museum, which was in the past a prison.

York Museums

York City is distinguished by its long history that witnessed many famous political events, and by its great history and the heritage that it left behind when it preserved a large number of museums, which have become one of the most important tourist places in York today. The city of York alone – unlike the rest of England – contains many The museums, on top of which are the Castle Museum and some other historical buildings and buildings such as the Yorkshire Museum and Museum Gardens, the Jorvik Viking Center, the York Art Gallery, Richard III Museum, and the Adventurers Hall which are the reconstructed medieval hall of the other barley hall and are considered to be those Its specifically owned archaeological Trust York, and there are a number of monuments from the ninth century, such as Fairfax House 18 and House Palace, a historical home of the mayor, as well as the house of the Treasurer, which Aloutna.aqro Trust Fund is also owned by: Tourism in Wales .. and the beauty of nature

National Railway Museum ..

The National Railroad Museum is one of York’s most famous landmarks and is home to a wide range of transportation items and holdings in a period of time. The museum houses the largest collection of railway locomotives in the world, and among that group we find the fastest steam locomotive LNER.

Historical churches ..

1581227498 762 Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art - Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of EnglandYork contains a large number of the most famous ancient historical churches in the world. These churches are considered one of the best places of tourism in York. Most of these remaining churches in York date back to the medieval period. They also feature beautiful architectural facades and very impressive designs. Among the most important of York’s churches is St. William’s Church. There is also a Bedern Hall and Goodramgate, which is a former residence for Cabinet officials and legislators.

York Theater Royal

1581227498 772 Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art - Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of EnglandAmong the most famous tourist places in York, we find some ancient theaters that attract millions of citizens, perhaps the most prominent of which is the “Royal Theater”, which is the famous theater that was established in 1744, and in this theater many annual shows are produced that attract audiences from all over England as well as attract Tourists also include the city a number of other theaters such as the Grand Opera House Theater, Joseph Rowntree Theater, and other famous theaters and artistic platforms that offer a variety of products. The city is considered one of the most important art and literature habitats, in which the headquarters of the Horse Lights Theater Company is also located, and in addition For the aforementioned, then The city of York is famous for being the center of a number of theater and art groups attracting amateurs, which periodically produces a number of great performances. Also, York contains sections for theater, cinema and television, and a number of student societies from York University, groups that used to participate in series and drama plays and public, as well as used to Organizing national tours. Also read: Liverpool’s attractions.

Opera York

1581227498 333 Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art - Tourism in York .. the most beautiful landmarks of art and history in the oldest cities of EnglandYork Opera is one of the most famous literary and artistic landmarks in the city of York, and it is also one of the most beautiful opera theaters in the world, and in these operas plays are performed every year in successive periods, and the opera is famous for its interest in presenting and representing theatrical texts that were produced in the original medieval and which They are executed by some unions, and in York opera, mysterious plays that are distinguished by luxury, originality, and a number of the most complete standards that the British adore, are often performed on vehicles that were spread in different places Throughout the city, specifically in the fourteenth century to 1570, and York City is well known for being a city that always participates in the regional festival. York Opera plays have become an integral and integral part of every three years of the York City Festival, and most of the Those plays are in the makeshift open-air theater inside the ruins of Sainte Marie monastery, and that was with the use of some professional actors and some amateurs who always strive for an opportunity and the privilege of participating.

General information about York

York space ..

The total area of ​​the city of York is about 271.9 km², and although it is small in size, it has many landmarks not only archaeological tourism, but also recreational attractions that attract many and contribute in one way or another to the revitalization of the economy of England, and successive governments have recognized the importance of York and ways to develop and advance With its places, if well exploited, it is very useful in developing the country’s general budget. Read also: Tourism in Scotland ..

The weather in York ..

Many tourists are interested in learning about the weather of the countries they want to go to, especially if they are European countries or on faraway continents with different terrain and airspace, so here we explain that the weather in York is variable as all over the world, but on average it can be calculated at 9 ° Celsius like most of England, though the weather often changes and falls a lot in the winter and the temperature reaches below zero. As for the wind direction in York, it is mostly north and with a speed of 26 km / hour, and from humidity it reaches To 65%.

Average hotel prices ..

A tourist may not go to a country to seriously ask about hotels, how good they are in this city, and the details of their stay in it. Among the most important of these inquiries is that we should talk about hotel prices, especially in countries that have a sharp drop in the price of currency, and vast differences between currencies Their countries, dollars, euros, or others. In York, the average price of 3-star hotels is about $ 598, while the average price of a 5-star hotel is $ 700.


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