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Zell am See

The city of Zell am See or (Zell am See) is located in Austria, and its area is small, and it is called the German language (zell am see), and it comes in the second place for the most beautiful and famous tourist front for Austria after the capital Vienna, it is located on the bank of Lake Zell. Diffused everywhere is spring water, rivers, mountains, green nature and waterfalls, and this has made it an attractive area for tourists. Here we will mention the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Zell am See.

Water tourism areas

There are many tourist places in Zell am See, among them Lake Zell, and here we will mention some of the wonderful tourist places:

Lake Zell

The lake is considered a wonderful and picturesque appearance, and on its bank lies the city of Zell am See, which enables tourists to practice swimming, water skiing, surfing or group boat rides in Elizabeth Park, as there are electric boats that can accommodate two people, and you can walk by bike around the lake.

Waterfall of the narrow valley of Liechtenstein
It is located near the city of Sankt Johann im Pongau, it is one of the deepest estuaries in the Alps, and is considered one of the most wonderful and longest valleys, and is about half an hour from Zell am See.

Other tourist areas

Zell am See is a vibrant city that attracts millions of travelers and adventurers every year, and is famous for its glistening blue waters that are on the edge of the Hohe Tauern mountain range, where there are hills with high peaks covered with snow, and here we will mention some of these places:
The summit of Mt. Schmitten Huh
The height of Mount Schmitten Hoh is about 2000 meters above the level of the lake; there is a cable car for tourists touring through to the top of the mountain, and there the tourist will have a look at the most beautiful areas of Zell am See and seeing the blue lake and green nature, as the tourist can stop the cable car with an altitude of 1400 meters, Or, continue the tour to reach the highest peak of Schmitten Huh.
Ways Sea Heights
The summit of the Weiss See Heights is located at an altitude of 300 meters, and it is half an hour from Zell am See. This summit is the best place for skiing in the region, and from there the tourists can see the white lake and the Alps.

National Park World Center
The National Park World Center zentrum is half an hour’s drive from Zell am See, and around it are the Carmel Waterfalls. The center is located in Merzel, and is a unique and rare place to explore, and is one of the best tourist places for families and children.

Family country theme parks
Among the most attractive areas for children that are suitable for them to entertain and entertain and spend the best times is the family country amusement park (Familianland); located near the city of Zell am See, where there are many games as a game (sleigh of terror), and there is a train that runs on a narrow railway between the sides The resort, as there is a zoo, contains dwarf horses, goats, monkeys, rabbits and others.

The narrow valley of Kitzloch
It is located in Taxenbach, about half an hour from Zell am See. It is a narrow place but the tourist feels comfortable. He walks on the steps down and up.


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