Tourism in Zurich

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Tourism in Zurich

Zurich is famous for its economic and financial center in Switzerland, and it is internationally known for their banks, in addition to having the largest airport and the largest railway in the country; this makes it the most attractive to tourists in Switzerland, as it is known as the cleanliness of its streets, and has been classified as one of the most countries in the world Cleanliness and quality, and visited by many tourists, especially those who are passionate about history and high-rise buildings, where they can visit museums and universities, which has won nearly twenty one of them, Nobel Prize.

Tourist places in Zurich

Opera House

The opera house in Zurich occupies a very important place in the history of Europe, as the original theater that was built in the place of the opera was the main place for Richard Wagner, despite the many changes that the opera went through, but it remained a distinctive place and exists It has great composers and artists, and the number of seats of the Opera House in Zurich is twelve thousand.

Framonster Church

The Fraumünster Church is one of the tourist places that must be visited when going to Zurich. This church was built in the thirteenth century, and is characterized by its stunning glass windows; it was designed by the Russian Marc Chagall who also designed a series of five windows in Choir in 1971 AD, in addition to a window called the Window of Roses in the South of the Church in 1978 AD, while the Window of Roses in the northern part was designed by Augusto Giacometti in 1945 CE.

Kunsthaus Museum of Fine Arts

The Kunsthaus Zürich is one of the largest art museums in Europe, and it is run by the Zurich Art Association founded by an artist group in 1787 AD. The museum has a large collection of artworks such as Charles Munch and Monet, In addition to the presence of paintings of the most famous artists, and exceptional ones from the Dutch Golden Age, and it has a section on contemporary sculptures in the exhibition, which is the ground floor in it.

Tours in Zurich

Sightseeing tours

A tourist who has a limited time in Zurich can take a city tour on the cable car, or by doing a cruise, where there are trips on a luxurious bus that takes half a day, and are accompanied by guides to learn about the tourist attractions in Zurich such as the old town and the Swiss National Museum , Bahnhof and After completing all the sightseeing on the cruise, you can ride the cable car to see the stunning views of the Alps.

Daily trips

The tourist can join the daily trips that are organized in Zurich, where a full day trip is traveled to the beautiful rural areas of the city, such as: Bernese Oberland and the city train, and can enter the heart of the glacier and visit the areas near the beautiful Alps, and from places It can also be visited on daily trips organized in the city, visiting medieval castles, or visiting Mount Pilatus, which has a height of 2132 meters, to enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains.


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