Tourism of Azerbaijan

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The Republic of Azerbaijan (English: Azerbaijan) is famous for its natural resources and ancient ancient culture, in addition to its original history. It is also famous for the presence of many archaeological, historical, and architectural monuments, and among its most important tourist attractions:


Maiden’s Tower is located in Baku, the capital, and serves as a historical symbol of the city, where the tower was built of stone with a height of about 29 meters, and the tower is characterized by views of Baku Bay and the old city.

Shaki Khan Palace

Shaki Khan palace (in English: Shaki Khan palace), which means in the Azerbaijani language (Xan Sarayı) is located in the southern side of the Caucasus, where the palace was built in 1762 AD, and it is one of the most famous buildings in it, and the palace is distinguished by its attractive decorative walls, in addition to the colors that Reflected on the walls through the glass windows of the palace, it is worth noting that inside the palace is a garden of roses fenced behind two large trees, and the facade of the palace represents a group of domes in the form of plateaux in silver, blue, and turquoise colors, and the palace inside it includes a room decorated with pink shapes .

Sherwan Palace

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs (English: Palace of the Shirvanshahs) is located in Baku, knowing that the palace, which was restored in 2003 AD, was – in the Middle Ages – the seat of the rulers in northeastern Azerbaijan, and is now a museum that includes a small entrance, and a large square.

Lake Goygol

Lake Goygol (English: Lake Goygol) is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan, as the lake, which is 1500 meters high, is located close to Ganja, and it is characterized by the beauty of its nature; it is facing a thick forest, as it is distinguished by With its blue water.

Caspian sea

The Caspian Sea (English: The Caspian Sea) is the largest lake in the world, and it shares with Iran its southern borders, reaching Dagestan on the northern side, where its coastline reaches more than 500 km, and it is worth noting that the sea includes a group of wonderful tourist resorts, It is considered one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan.


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