Tourism on the island of Bali

المسافرون العرب

Tourism on the island of Bali

Bali Island is located among 800 other islands belonging to Indonesia, and many consider it one of the most beautiful islands on earth, as a large number of tourists from different areas of science offer it to enjoy its nature, its tropical forests and its fresh water. As it is two hours away by plane from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

The best times of tourism on the island of Bali

Bali is dominated by two main seasons as it falls within the tropical island range, which is the rainy season that extends between the months of November and April, where very high humidity prevails as the rain falls for a number of hours on a daily basis, while the temperatures during this season range between 26 degrees and 35 degrees And the dry season, which extends for the rest of the year, is the best season to visit Bali, where the warm sun rises, the temperatures rise and the rain is trapped, which makes it easy to wander the island and learn about its features and visit its various tourist places ..

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The most important tourist places on the island of Bali

There are many tourist places on the island of Bali, the most important of which are the following:

  • Kona Beach and Samanchak: This beach is located in the Kuta region, and its restaurants, cafes, hotels and other shops are located on the outskirts of this area, allowing the opportunity for shopping for tourists. This beach is frequently intended for enjoying the appearance of sunset in its fresh water.
  • Nusa Dua Beach: It is located in Nusa Dua and is spreading various activities and water sports. It is also the first destination on the island of Bali for fans of snorkeling, windsurfing, banana rides and other fast marine vehicles such as marine tanks.
  • Jimbaran Beach: It is the most romantic beach on the island of Bali, because of its calmness, elegant restaurants and stunning natural scenery.
  • Lake BaturIt is located in Kitamani and is concentrated among a group of active volcanic mountains, and a number of restaurants overlooking the mountains and the lake spread around it.
  • Coffee and cocoa plantationsVisitors to these farms can enjoy experimenting with various varieties of coffee, including animal coffee for Luwak and vanilla coffee, in addition to the ability to see the steps of making coffee directly and wander between coffee trees, vanilla and cocoa.
  • RowingKayak rivers and waterfalls are common in rivers and waterfalls, and visitors can enjoy the risks and fun they have in the hands of coaches and experts in this field.
  • Odyssey submarine: This submarine takes its passengers to a depth of seventy feet under the water, and its passengers can enjoy watching the different aquatic life through the glass windows in it.
  • horse ridingVisitors to Bali island can enjoy a pleasant horse rides among its rice farms.

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