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Tourism in Belgium

Belgium is a small country compared to others, and despite this, it is filled with historical, cultural and natural sites in addition to beautiful architecture. The great cultural diversity appears in the capital, Brussels, which is inhabited by Dutch and Flemish people, and where the European Union is located. The capital is also full of historical sites, the most important of which is the Grand Palace Grote Markt, which is located in the city center, various historical buildings, and the Fountain (Manneken Pis), which is one of the landmarks of Brussels. The capital contains a large number of museums, gardens, squares, Churches in addition to the distinguished Belgian waffle shops. And the visitor can enjoy the natural life outside the city, where there are caves, forests, hills and other natural sites. Belgium is the most multicultural country and language in Europe, where the population speaks 3 languages, namely Dutch, German and French, in addition to almost all speaking in English.

Belgium World Heritage Sites

Belgium is one of the countries that possesses a strong cultural heritage, and this was the reason for choosing many sites to enter the list of UNESCO World Heritage, and these sites were a reason to make Belgium an important tourist destination in Europe, as it contains 12 sites within the list of World Heritage that were chosen between the year 1999 and 2016 and from these sites:

Bell buildings in Belgium and France

Bell buildings in Belgium and France represent a type of building that was famous in the Middle Ages, especially in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Belgium has 33 of the 56 buildings in Belgium and France. These buildings are considered one of the main tourist destinations in the country and were included in the world heritage sites in 1999. They were built in the eleventh and seventeenth centuries and were used for many purposes related to the city council such as observation wards, prisons and a place to store the city’s treasures.

Flemish websites

Flemish Bѐguinages are a group of narrow monasteries that arose and increased in the thirteenth century in Western Europe. These monasteries represented closed societies and home to religious women known as the Bѐguines who chose the religious life led by nuns. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1998.

Historical prog

(Historic Brugge)
Historic Brugge is one of Belgium’s most popular regions. It is a group of old buildings, churches, and museums located on the cobbled streets and canals and represents many different architectural styles that entered Europe at different time periods. The historic center of Brugge was listed in 2000 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Big Square

La Grand-Place Of Brussels was built in the thirteenth century, and it is one of the most beautiful squares around the world. The square plays a great role in tourism in Belgium, and it contains many restaurants and cafes, and also contains the National Brewers Museum. The historic center of Brugge was incorporated in 1998 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


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