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Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not have a development in the recent period, due to the civil war that took place in it, and which affected its tourism growth, and despite this, Bosnia and Herzegovina is frequented by tourists from all over the world, and this is shown by statistics that showed 165,000 tourists arrived in the year 2003, and the total revenue from the tourism sector was $ 258 million in the same year.

The most important tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the tourist attractions that tourists from different countries visit, and the following are mentioned for the most prominent of these tourist attractions:

Ghazi Khusrow Bey Mosque

Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque is located in Sarajevo (English: Sarajevo). It was built in 1532 AD in the old city, and it is one of the largest historical mosques in the country, and it is characterized by its wonderful architecture, which is the Ottoman architecture that Sarajevo is famous for its cultural importance, it was rebuilt in 1996, and became open for tourists to visit, and enjoy its wonderful facilities.

The old bridge

The ancient bridge – whose arch was built between the years 1557-1566 AD by order of Sultan Suleiman the Great – is a world-famous landmark in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its unique design in that era is considered an engineering marvel, and this mosque was attacked by the Croats. In 1993 AD, it was rebuilt and opened in 2004 AD.

Kravica Waterfall

The Kravica Waterfall is a wonderful tourist attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was formed by the river Trebes running, and its water falls up to a height of 25 meters to flow into a beautiful and wonderful pool, and the region where this waterfall is a good place to relax, Sailing by boat by the locals, and the tourists coming to it.

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