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Tourism in France

The French Republic has a strong tourism sector, as it is considered one of the best and most prominent tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the places it contains, and the wonderful tourist attractions and scenic landscapes, and statistics in 2003 AD – for example – indicated that the total Hotel reservations in French hotels amounted to about 603,279 hotel rooms, or about 58% of the total capacity, as the number of visitors to the country in the same year reached about 75,048,000 visitors, and tourists.

The most important tourist attractions in France

The French Republic abounds with attractive places and attractions, and the following are mentioned for the most important of them:

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is considered the most prominent landmark in the French city of Paris, where it was built in 1889 AD, and was used in its construction of steel and iron, while the height of this wonderful tower reaches about 324 meters, which makes it the tallest building in the city of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe (French: The Arc de Triomphe) is located in the French city of Paris, and is a landmark and historical monument that was designed by the famous military commander Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 AD to commemorate the victory in the Battle of Austerlitz.

The Tuileries Garden

Tuileries Garden is located in Paris, France. It is considered the oldest and largest public park in the city, and is characterized by its wonderful design by the famous engineer André Le Notre. It should be noted that it has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum (in French: Musée du Louvre) is one of the most famous museums in the world; it includes a very large number of works of art that belong to the most famous international artists, and historical monuments belonging to the Egyptian civilization, Greek and Mesopotamia.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral (in French: Cathédrale Notre Dame), which was built during the thirteenth century AD, is considered one of the most important monuments of France, with a length of about 130 meters.

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