Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the State of California in the United States of America, located on the Pacific coast in the southwestern side of California, characterized by overpopulation, as it comes second in population density at the level of cities of the United States of America.

Its area is approximately 1290.6 km2, and the population of the city is estimated at about 3.8 million, according to 2008 estimates. The city is distinguished as one of the most important scientific, cultural and economic centers in America. The name of the city dates back to the Spanish language which means “angels” and joined the state of California on April 4, 1850 AD.

the climate

Los Angeles is characterized by a semi-dry Mediterranean climate that is moderately cold and humid during the winter, hot and dry in the summer. The sun shines on the city for approximately 320 days per year, close to the rest of the cities of the American sun belt, which are called “Sunbelt Cities”.
As the city winds blowing from the ocean to calm the weather in winter and summer.

The more we go east, the less wind will affect this, which increases the temperature increase. The temperatures in the summer range from 20-40 degrees, and in the winter they range from 10-2 degrees. And it rains during the winter and spring.

touristical monuments

  • Sports Museum: It is a museum specialized in sports matters, it contains more than 10,000 sports souvenirs and many luggage and old and modern sports tools that have been collected over several decades, where the museum is a tourist destination for sports fans.
  • The Pacific: It is a park or small garden located in a privileged location in Saint Monica Pierre, intended for adults and children to spend a beautiful day, contains many games such as the express train, in addition to that the scenic coast views can be enjoyed from there.
  • Zoo: The park is located in Griffith Park and there are about 1,100 species of animals. The park includes performances of rare animals such as: monkeys, condors, koalas, and chimpanzees. In addition to these animals, the park contains more than 800 types of multiple plants.
  • Farmers’ Market: The market is considered one of the historical monuments in the city. It includes many shops, restaurants and different goods.
  • Venice Ocean Front Walk: It is a walkway located on the ocean, which the tourist can walk on, which contains many stalls selling Mexican blankets and sunglasses, and witchcraft, lifters and parrots can be seen on the banks of the walkway.

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