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Tourism to Morocco

Tourism in Morocco occupies an important role in raising the level of the economy and the national income of the country, as tourism helped in developing the transportation sector to a large extent in Morocco, including road and rail transport, in addition to a large number of domestic and international airports that spread in various cities of Morocco, the most important of which is the airport Agadir, the airport, Tangier and the Laayoune airport, and the seaports in recent decades in Morocco have also evolved to become more suitable for receiving larger numbers of tourists coming by sea, the most important of which are the port of Casablanca, the port of Kenitra and the port of Agadir.

Tourism of antique cities

It is represented by the orientation of tourists and visitors towards the ancient historical cities in Morocco to get acquainted with the ancient civilizational history of it. Thanks to the existing battalion silo, the Badi Palace, the Agdal Gardens, and other coastal cities such as Tangier, which is full of museums, libraries, and ancient fortresses.

Beach tourism

The coast of Morocco reaches a length of 3500 km, which overlooks an average of two thirds of the water of the Mediterranean Sea, while the rest of it overlooks the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the beaches are often the preferred destination for tourists and the people of Morocco in the summer, as the Mediterranean provides beaches with soft golden sand and calm waves, While the Atlantic Ocean provides a variety of beaches, and the most visited beaches in Morocco are the beaches in Tangier.

Sports tourism

Morocco’s various topography helped the growth of sport tourism and its prosperity, as sport tourism was initially limited to paragliding from the highest high levels, and calm natural lakes helped to practice many water sports in it, in addition to the fishing and hunting activities that are widespread in various regions Forestry and Morocco’s forests, and the government has also worked to develop sport tourism in Morocco by establishing extensive golf courses and building tourist villages around it.

Mountain tourism

The city of Azilal, on the eastern side of Marrakesh, is considered the first incubator for this type of tourism, as the Atlas Mountains covered with snow during the winter attract large numbers of snowboarders of all kinds. As for the summer, mountaineering enthusiasts begin to arrive in this region and others from Explorers of the unique caves they contain, as well as numbers of wildlife activists.

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