Tourism to Romania

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Tourism in Romania

The tourism sector in the Republic of Romania (English: Romania) is considered one of the vital and important sectors. It has millions of visitors, and tourists from different countries and countries of the world every year, due to the presence of many attractions and attractions, and general statistics indicated In 2003, 5,594,828 people visited the country, the vast majority of them from European countries. The total hotel reservations reached 97,324 hotel rooms, and the contribution of the tourism sector in the same year was $ 523 million of the total GDP.

The most important tourist attractions in Romania

Romania abounds in many places, attractions and magnificence, and attractive, the following are mentioned for the most important:

Babylon and Sphinx configurations

Formations called Babele and the Sphinx are found in the Roman mountains of Buseggi, which reach a height of about 2,216 meters; they are formations and rock formations formed by natural factors, where some wonderful forms that eroded during thousands of years have emerged.

Pele Castle

Peleș Castle is an ancient historical monument built for the first time during the nineteenth century AD. It is distinguished for its wonderful architectural design in the style of modern German architecture. The castle includes an exhibition of a large number of weapons dating back to the middle ages, in addition to many From pieces, valuable works.

Infinite column

The Infinite Column (in Romanian: Coloana Infinitului) is an embodiment, and a tall vertical statue is considered to be among the most prominent sculptures of the famous artist Constantine Branchoy, one of the most famous and greatest sculptures of the twentieth century.

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle is the most famous castle in the region of Transylvania. It is an ancient historical castle characterized by its wonderful architectural design, where visitors and tourists can tour the castle’s facilities and see its wonderful monuments.

Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture (English: Palace of Culture) is located in the Roman city of Iasi, and it is considered one of the most prominent monuments of the city, knowing that it was built during the period (1906-1925), and is characterized by its design in the Gothic style, and also displays within it a group of wonderful museums.


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