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Salalah is located in the south of the Sultanate of Oman in the Dhofar Governorate, and it is the main city in it, and away from Muscat, the capital about 1023 km, and it is the only city in which the visitor can go in the summer season, thanks to its southeastern monsoon winds that keep temperatures low, And on the rains, and the city of Salalah is distinguished by its picturesque nature, and the number of trees in it, especially coconut trees (nargil), and it contains traces of ancient Pharaonic temples dating back to the period when Hatshepsut came to Oman, and it contains a collection of monuments, writings and inscriptions that indicate the ancient history of this city, What is characterized by different Bhoudaradtha, and among civilizations that lived in this city, a civilization dating back to the twelfth and sixteenth centuries AD, found in Dull area.

Tourism in Salalah

Natural sites

Below we show the most important natural sites in Salalah:

  • Plains and valleys: Among the most important plains and valleys that are characterized by Salalah:
    • Wadi Nehez: In the middle of Jabal Al-Qara, the Nahis Valley is located in the city of Salalah, about 12 km away from it. This valley is characterized by a cave located in one of the limestone formations that date back to the beginnings of the triple era. .
    • Atin plain: One of the best tourist places located in the northwest of the city of Salalah, it provides a psychological comfort for the visitor because of its green meadows that delight the viewer, and the visitor can camp in the Aten plain and enjoy the autumnal atmosphere and visit the eyes of the water in it, such as the eye of the jarziz.
  • the eyes: The city of Salalah is distinguished by the presence of many eyes in it, including these eyes:
    • Ain Tobruk: Ain Tobruk is approximately 28 km away from the city of Salalah and can be reached through the road leading to the city of Taqah and then via Jabal Nasheb roundabout. Ain Tobruk is considered to be a permanent flowing eye in Salalah and what distinguishes it is that the high mountains and wide hills overlooking it, as there is Many trees. The site of Ain Tobruk was developed through streams of Al Ain and a pool where water can collect.
    • Ain Sahlnot: Among the most important and most beautiful eyes in Salalah, it is one of the most important tourist places that visitors visit throughout the year for the diversity of its nature (mountains, valleys and flowing water), about 15 km from the city of Salalah, and its facilities have been renewed and developed through the construction of sidewalks, paths and bridges.
    • Eye Core: It is one of the eyes that takes place in the fall season only, Ain Kour is located west of Salalah and is about 20 km away from it.
    • Ain Jerzez: A distance of about 7 km from the center of Salalah, and it is an important place that attracts tourists to its proximity to the city of Salalah as it is distinguished by its proximity to the entertainment center of the municipality. The curse of Groz has a large water basin in which the visitor can practice swimming, and overlooks the eye of the mountain peaks Green in color.
    • Eye of Arzat: The most abundant Laayoune in Salalah is an important water source for the Arzat farm and the nearby government farms, and is approximately 17 km from the city of Salalah.
  • Beaches: Among the most important beaches that characterize the city of Salalah, we mention:
    • Edge Beach: One of the places that tourists come to visit throughout the year is the edge beach, which extends up to approximately 3 km, and has a depth of between 300-500 m. This beach is characterized by its fine sand and heritage markets in addition to the entertainment facilities along it.
    • Al-Mughassil Beach: West of the city of Salalah, Al-Mughassil Beach, which is characterized by its soft silvery sand, in addition to the natural water fountains that rise to the top from close holes in the rocks near the beach, generating sounds and roar that tourists and visitors enjoy.

historical location

Among the most important archaeological sites in Salalah:
  • The ancient city of Al-Baleed: On the coastal strip of the city of Salalah lies the ancient city of Al-Baleed, which is one of the ancient cities because it is one of the oldest cities and the most important commercial ports. The ancient city of Al-Baleed was built on a small island, and archaeological discoveries have proven that it dates back to the pre-Islamic era, and it clearly flourished in the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Gregorian, but its architectural buildings have become special luster after Islam, this is shown by its large mosque, which includes 144 columns, and it is one of the most famous ancient mosques in the world and it is believed that its construction dates back to the thirteenth century AD, and in the Middle Ages it was to extend Soft country is an important role in global trade as it relates to commercial ports in India, Sindh, China, East Africa, and Yemen on the one hand, and on the other hand it has a commercial relationship with Europe and Iraq, and frankincense trade was flourishing at that time.
  • Shrines and shrines: Tourism in Salalah does not stop at visiting the natural places, but the visitor intends to visit the shrines in it, such as the shrine of the Prophet Job in the north-east at the top of Mount Aten, near which there are three rest houses, a tourist restaurant and a modern mosque, and another important shrine in Salalah is the shrine of the Prophet Imran, which is a very long shrine It is located in a rectangular room and is located near the Haffa House Hotel in the Al-Qouf area, next to it is a mosque (the Prophet Imran Mosque) and a small garden.

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