Tourism to Switzerland

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Tourism in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the tourist has an opportunity to practice many activities. He can enjoy the hot air balloon, the parachute canopy, or relax on the buoys. As for the winter, he can ski on the ice in Graubunden, the middle of Switzerland, and can go on the hike as he can walk Green, and can also ride bikes in mountainous areas covered with snow, and go down to the banks of lakes; to enjoy the green peas vine found under the valleys, it is worth noting that tourism in Switzerland contributed to That is, 2.9% of the gross domestic product, which amounts to 558.23 billion USD, in the year two thousand and ten.

Tourist cities in Switzerland


The city of Geneva, located between the Alps, and the Jura Mountains on the shore of Lake Geneva attracts many tourists. The city is famous for its museums, such as: the Museum of Art and History, which dates back to the early twentieth century AD, which in turn covers the Western culture in an adequate, observable, and well-known The first Swiss museum of fine art, and other museums. It is noteworthy that the city’s buildings are distinguished by an elegant architectural design that makes them part of the Swiss heritage.


Swiss banking services are concentrated in the city of Zurich, and the city is rich in many attractive regions, as it enjoys its culture, popular food, and shopping in it, and the city’s tourists can also take a tour that is managed by a professional, professional tour of that tour. It may be through the bus, or railways, and there are tourist tours that are characterized by special services for people with motor disabilities.

The Alps of Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for the amazing alpine mountains, as it includes the highest ice summit in the Alps, which is the Jungfrau summit which is one of the most beautiful places, and the peaks that can be visited, and where the tourist finds hundreds of waterfalls, and many wonderful paths to the hiking trail, Eger means tourists to practice mountain climbing, where the climber reaches the cracked ice on the summit of Unverruikh after completing the climb of Eiger mountain in the north.


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