Tourist activities in Chamonix: Chamonix is ​​a charming French town located in the north of France, which has a high rate of tourist visits every year from different countries of the world, and is considered one of the three most famous natural attractions in the world, it is Chamonix ice, Chamonix tulip flowers, this is in addition to the diversity of activities Tourism that you can enjoy, therefore we dedicated this article to get to know together the best tourist activities that you can practice in Chamonix:

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Chamonix sightseeing activities

Cable car ride to Mont Blanc mountain peak and climb

The Mont Blanc summit is to climb to it is one of the most enjoyable and best tourist activities in Chamonix so it reaches about 3842 meters above the surface of the sea Or drink coffee on top, and have fun standing on a high mountain in the snow.Cable car ride to Mont Blanc peak and climb - Chamonix tourism activitiesCable car ride to Mont Blanc peak and climb – Chamonix tourism activities

Paragliding in Chamonix

There are various companies in Chamonix that allow you to experience paragliding with the most skilled trainers. You can ride your canopy with your own coach and enjoy the feeling of flying and flying, while enjoying the majestic view of mountain peaks, snow, and picturesque nature from above. Do not miss its experience when you go to Chamonix.Paragliding in Chamonix - tourism activities in Chamonix
Paragliding in Chamonix – tourism activities in Chamonix

Water sports and boat trips Chamounieh

When you visit Chamonix, you can enjoy water sports and boat trips through cham’Aventure, where you can offer rafting boat rafting trips and wandering in the river, rowing in the river is fun for some, feeling exciting, and a sense of adventure.Chamonix water sports and boat trips - sightseeing activities in ChamonixChamonix water sports and boat trips – sightseeing activities in Chamonix

Climbing trees in Gaillands Accro’Park des

When you go to Accro’Park des Gaillands you will enjoy the view of the frozen garden and lake, there are courses available for you to climb trees, ZIPLINE, they are courses for climbing trees for children and are divided into levels according to the age of each child.Climbing trees at Gaillands Accro'Park des - Chamonix tourism activitiesClimbing trees at Accro’Park des GAILLANDS – Chamonix tourism activities

Skiing at Les Grands Montets

During the winter season, the Grand Montes ski area provides delightful vertical skiing trails, and these trails extend on three different slopes are Pendent, Lugnan, Argente Glacier. This ski resort is known for the excellent nature of snow in the spring, until May, and also provides an area called Lugnan skiing is free on the Pierre à Ric lift elevator, during the summer, Grand Montes turns green with green pastures and wild plants. * Skiing is not limited to the Grand Montes area, but you can ski in Mont Blanc after climbing to the mountain, it is a great place for skiing.Skiing at Les Grands MontetsSkiing at Les Grands Montets

Shopping in Chamonix

After wandering in Chamonix, rowing, mountain climbing, trekking, skiing, and parasailing need a relaxing leisure activity after you were exposed to excitement and suspense and the best of shopping for that, Vshamouni is not only a place for previous adventures but also stores, and multiple huge stores, and varied to suit all tastes .Shopping in Chamonix - attractions in ChamonixShopping in Chamonix – attractions in Chamonix

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