Tourist activities in Interlaken, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, include tourist attractions for many activities.

Tourist activities in Interlaken ..

Tourist activities in InterlakenTourist activities in Interlaken

jet skiting ..

jet skiting ..Skydiving .. Landing from Beatenberg to Interlaken via skydiving is undoubtedly a wonderful experience and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist activities in Interlaken, especially to see beautiful beautiful landscapes such as lakes and mountains from the sky and re-activate the activity with another adventure experience, especially as you as a traveler you will not need past experience, Rather, you will be accompanied by a competent bird, and all you just have to do is adhere to the guidelines that are directed to you as there are many opportunities for paragliding in Interlaken, and there are a number of providers of this adventure such as: Chill Out Paragliding World Interlaken and AlpinAir Tandemflights GmbH and other skydiving companies in Interlaken It really isn’t one of the most amazing experiences you might be fascinated by, as the adrenaline rush in your blood due to the excitement will make your day very enjoyable.

Riding a jet boat.

Jet boat rideYou can enjoy in Interlaken speedboats for 75 minutes of fun and excitement in the middle of Lake Brienz, which is one of the best tourist activities in Interlaken. And with great speed you will feel more excitement, fun and high level of adrenaline, and perhaps the best game in Interlaken if you Water sports enthusiasts are required. Prior booking is required for the experience, and most of the time the JetPot Interlaken company will deliver you to and from the hotel.

Lucina River sports boats ..

Lucina River sports boats ..Lucina River sports boats..One of the most beautiful tourist activities in Interlaken Lucina boats, which are considered one of the most beautiful riding trips that are found in Switzerland. Although this sport requires a lot of effort, there is no requirement for previous experience

Climbing and walking between narrow paths and waterfalls ..

    Climbing and walking between narrow paths and waterfalls ..Climbing and walking between narrow paths and waterfalls..In Interlaken there are many opportunities for long walks, climbing mountains and walking between paths of valleys, rocks and fjords, which represent the best tourist activities in Interlaken. Besides giving you another chance to entertain and walk under the waterfalls, between the high valleys of Interlaken and the Falkhorn-Sagesse Valley basins that feed the world-famous Jess Bach waterfall where the passage dates back to the nineteenth century.

Steam train ride to the Bernzer Rothern summit ..

Steam train ride to the Bernzer Rothern summit ..Riding the steam train for the summit of the Bernzer Rothern .. The climb to the top of the Bernzer Rothern mountain in the village of Bernzer is considered one of the most beautiful tourist activities in Interlaken that can be carried out with the family, via the steam train, which reaches a height of about 1680 meters. The steam train provides a unique and unique experience that it provides for travelers through it through scenic landscapes, it also provides distinctive views of lakes and rock cliffs in a journey that takes about 60 minutes.

Learn about the charming Alps, Lake Thun and Brienz.

Exploring the charming Alps is one of the most important tourist activities in Interlaken, as there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the small towns and villages that are in the vicinity of Interlaken, and you can easily reach it by bus or train. One of the most beautiful ways to entertain in these villages is to ride boats permanently throughout the day. As for Lake Thun, which is famous for Lake Blue Sapphire, it is characterized by romantic castles and beautiful caves that are found on its banks, while the Emerald Blue Lake and Lake Brienz is known as the villages of wood carving And open air museum and majestic waterfalls.

Visiting St. Petos Caves and Lakes ..

Visiting St. Petos Caves and Lakes ..Visiting St. Petos Caves and Lakes..You can visit St. Petos Caves at an estimated time of about 12 minutes by bus or take about 60 minutes on foot. Some say that St. Petos expelled the dragons that used to reside in these caves and therefore it was called this saint You can also get to know the cave and reach over the waterfalls through it, and there is an aversion to worshipers around it because this cave is considered one of the pillars of the traditional Christian pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago.

Strolling Mount Harder Kulm ..

Strolling Mount Harder Kulm ..A walk on Harder Kulm Mountain .. The city of Interlaken is surrounded by many wonderful, majestic and huge mountains, while Mount Harder Kulm is the closest one to the city and the easiest to reach its summit where it takes about two and a half hours to reach its upper part. You can see the lakes and the city itself from the top. This makes for a pretty impressive sight, especially if you get to see some wild animals such as deer and wild boars.

A trip to the Jungfrau region ..

You can take a daily trip while in Interlaken to the Jungfrau region and visit the three most famous peaks of the Alps, namely the summit of Eiger (ogre) and Munch (monk) and Jungfrau (pristine), and the height of the mountain is about 3,454 meters where you see new snow until In the summer.

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