Tourist activities in Jakarta .. Jakarta is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, it is the capital, and it also provides visitors with an impressive array of tourism activities.

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Tourist activities in Jakarta ..

Playing water games .. The most beautiful tourist activities in Jakarta ..

Play water games Playing water games Jakarta has a lot of water clubs, and we assure you, dear tourist, that playing these games is one of the best activities that you can do in Jakarta due to its diversity and great hikes. It is loved by adults and children, especially adventure lovers. Examples of places for water games are Tilqa Resort Aruana and a city. Eldorado games and you have to visit the water village to try exciting games with swimming pools for adults and others for children.

Learn about other cultures … the most important tourist activities in Jakarta ..

One of the best activities that Jakarta offers is the ability to get to know other cultures. For example, you can go to the Chinese village to coexist in a Chinese atmosphere and also the Egyptian village.

Climbing to the Monas Tower … the best tourist activities in Jakarta ..

Climb up to the Monas Tower
Ascending to the Monas Tower, when you visit Jakarta, you cannot miss the climb to the Manus Tower, because it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city and provides you with distinctive tourism activities, so when you visit you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of what is around you should take pictures of these moments and you will enjoy seeing dancing fountains from the top and the tower itself About 132 meters above the ground is a torch of pure gold above and weighing about 35 kg.

Learn about the history of Jakarta ..

Learn about the history of JakartaKnowing the history of JakartaIf you are a fan of exploring the past, the best thing that you can do is to wander around the country to learn about its history, for example you should visit the National Museum to see the valuable archaeological collections and the most beautiful thing you can see is the elephant statue in the museum garden, so take your pictures by its side and also a history museum Jakarta and the Historical Connections Museum.

The pleasure of shopping in Jakarta ..

Fun shopping in Jakarta Shopping pleasure in Jakarta, dear tourist, when you go to Jakarta, it is necessary to shop from its stores and popular markets, because this is one of the most beautiful tourist activities because it enables you to get to know the culture of the region through the products and also enables you to get to know the local people and we advise you to go to the Jalan Surbaya market as it offers a group Among the products of a historical nature, and they are suitable as distinct souvenirs to express your trip in Jakarta. As for the best malls, you can shop at the Atrium Mall, especially as it is suitable for Arab tourists, Chimpaka Mall and others.

A tour with your children amidst the dolls ..

A tour with your children amid the dollsA tour with your children amidst the dolls, dear tourist. If you are on a journey with your children, the best thing you can do to make your children happy is to go to the Dolls Museum so that children can see different types of moving dolls that are used in some famous works. It is a wonderful museum and the dolls are made of cotton and Wood, fabrics and other materials, and you cannot miss souvenir photos next to them. You can also buy dolls from the store.

Buy antiques and ancient statues ..

Dear tourist, the city is famous for selling wonderful old antiques and statues, and you will not find it anywhere else easily. It is rare antiques. If you want to acquire some of them for you or to gift them as valuable gifts to your family and friends, you should go to the old antiques market in the city, this is one of the most important tourist activities that you can do in the city .

Watching animals in Jakarta .. Tourist activities in Jakarta ..

Watching animals in JakartaWatching the animals in JakartaThe best activities that you have to do in Jakarta especially if you are with your children are going to see different animals such as the Komodo lizard, the Java tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the dwarf buffalo and the wild bull in addition to the colorful birds like Paradise birds along with the tropical plants. We advise you to visit a garden Ragunan animal is one of the largest gardens in Jakarta and has thousands of animals and you do not miss to take memorial pictures next to it also children can play with some animals and feed them and you have to sit in front of the lake to see the Australian pelicans and ducks and also crocodiles and hippo and p For you to wander in the park by riding the tiger train and do not forget to ride boats in the lake, the park operates from seven in the morning until four in the evening throughout the week except for the two, entrance fees 4000 rupees for adults and 3000 rupees for children.

Indonesian dining experience ..

Indonesian dining experienceTry Indonesian food, dear tourist, when visiting Indonesia, you should try some delicious traditional dishes in it. Restaurants that offer these meals spread especially in the Kemang region. You can also eat Mexican, oriental or italyn food and are characterized by their moderate prices.

Picnic in the gardens ..

Picnic in the gardensYou should take a tour of the gardens to enjoy relaxation and renewal of activity in which the beautiful landscapes, especially the green areas of trees and flowers, are admired by the visitors, so go with them especially with your family to enjoy sitting on the lawn and entering the game areas that suit adults and children, we advise you to visit Anchol Park, which Enjoying the view of the Jakarta Bay, you can play water games, speed train ride, air wheel and cable car.

Attending entertainment shows ..

You can attend theater shows, festivals and concerts. The Anchol Complex is one of the most important places that organize such tourist activities so visit it with your family to enjoy watching fine art and games that suit adults and children, and you can also have a meal in one of its restaurants.

Snowboarding ..

SnowboardingIce Skating There is a snowy city in Jakarta called the land of snow We recommend you to visit it for skiing.

Watch the aquarium in Jakarta ..

See the aquatic life in Jakarta Watching aquatic life in Jakarta Jakarta enjoys having various types of aquatic life that deserves to be watched. You should visit the aquarium in it to see beautiful marine creatures and offer mermaid shows in it.

Tourist activities you can do in Ancol Dreamland Jakarta ..

Tourist activities to do in Ancol Dreamland Jakarta Tourist activities that you can take in the Ancol Dreamland Jakarta park – high-speed train ride to enjoy a pleasant tour in the midst of plants and the open air and the fresh natural atmosphere so take pictures memorials. – ride the air wheel to get a wonderful view from the top. Attending dolphins shows. – Boat ride in the lake to catch fish. – Entering the children’s palace to experience drawing and coloring in it. Entering the garden throughout the week from seven in the morning until ten in the evening and the entrance fee of 10 thousand rupees.

Activities you can do in the water bum water park ..

Activities to do in the water bum Activities you can do in the water park – Relax under trees and in front of you water games – Swimming in swimming pools – Snack at a restaurant and take memorial photos. The park works from eight in the morning until nine in the evening on Saturday and Sunday and the rest The week starts at ten in the morning, the entrance fee is 270 rupees for adults and 200 for children.

Activities to do in the world of seas in Jakarta ..

Activities to do in the world of seas in Jakarta Activities for you to do in the world of the seas in Jakarta – Watch the different aquatic life. – Enter the Fish and Cinema Museum to view films about marine life. – Enjoy the water games. – Walk around the tubes in the aquariums. The garden operates from nine in the morning until six in the evening. All days of the week and entrance fees 50 thousand rupees.

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