Munnar is one of the Indian cities, located in Idoki, specifically in the southwestern Kerala state, and it is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, as it has many tourist areas, a lot of green areas, and water areas, and it also has many landmarks Tourism with a long history, and Munnar is famous for being a tourist resort that tourists prefer to go to for recreation, and to entertain many tourism activities. Here are some tourist activities in Munnar.

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Tourism activities in Munnar:

1 – Landscape – Natural Views:

Visiting the scenic landscapes is one of the best tourist activities in Munnar. Munnar has many green spaces and gardens that contain many rare plants and flowers. Munnar also has many waterfalls with a scenic view, which tourists prefer to take pictures in front of. Also, many rivers and water areas that attract tourists with their magnificent views and clear waters. Visiting most of the landscaped areas is free, but for other areas, entry tickets range from $ 1 to $ 8. Most of the landscape areas work for a period Ranging from 10 hours to 12 hours, from 7 in the morning until 12 in the middle of the night. The most famous scenic areas in Munnar, Kundala Lake, National Park, and waterfalls.

2 – Tourist monuments:

Tours are one of the most important tourist activities in Munnar. Munnar possesses many historical old tourist attractions, such as cultural centers and museums. Munnar also has many religious monuments, such as antique churches, and cathedrals. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Munnar is the Calari Cultural Center. , Mount Carmel Church, and Kinan Divan Museum. Entry tickets for tourist attractions range from $ 3 to $ 18. Most of the sights in Munnar operate for a period of 6 to 10 hours, during the period from 8 am to 10 Evening.

3- Parties and Festivals:

Concerts and festivals are one of the most attractive factors for tourists from the tourism activities in Munnar. Munnar is characterized by weekly weekly Samar parties that are full of singing and famous Indian dance groups. Munnar also holds many major festivals, which are usually at the beginning of each One of the seasons of the year, in addition to the national and entertainment festivals that are in the public streets. There are many free parties and festivals, as for the other, their ticket prices range from $ 10 to $ 90 depending on the ticket category and its degree. Concerts and festivals often begin. In the evening, but there is some It does not start in the afternoon and lasts until evening, such as national festivals. The most famous party and festival centers in Munnar, Boonargani Center, Thirumeni Center, and Bunnarnaga Center.

4 – Internal tourism tours:

Domestic tourism trips are one of the most important and best tourism activities in Munnar. There are many types of domestic tourism trips in Munnar, as there are excursions dedicated to recreational tourism, and other scientific tourism, in addition to marine trips. Examples of recreational tourism trips in Munnar, hiking trips, and Mountain climbing trips, cycling trips. Examples of scientific trips, sightseeing trips, and historical tours between monuments. Cruises vary between boat trips, ship trips, and cruises are usually not more than one day. Ticket prices range from Domestic trips to Mu Fire from $ 5 to $ 23, and children are often free for up to 12 years.

Games Cities And Water Games:

One of the best tourist activities in Munnar is game and water games. Munnar has many game cities full of electric toys for adults, in addition to many play areas for children. There are also water games cities that contain many swimming pools, and play equipment In addition to some of the cities that allow rowing. One of the most popular game areas in Munnar, Wonder Valley, and Vegaland Water Games. Tickets for game cities in Munnar range from $ 8 to $ 20, and children’s games are often free. Games range from 8 hours to 10 hours , During the period from 8 in the morning until 12 in the middle of the night.

6- Shopping:

Shopping is one of the most tourism activities in Munnar, which attracts tourists. Munnar has many outlets that sell high-quality clothes at cheap prices. Munnar also has many shops dedicated to selling distinctive Arabic and Indian spices, which always attract tourists to buy There are many exhibitions and shops devoted to selling souvenirs and art, at relatively moderate prices. The most famous shopping places in Munnar, Tata Outlet, and the Mstliot exhibition of art and souvenirs.

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