Tourist activities in Trabzon .. Trabzon is one of the best tourist destinations in Turkey and you should visit it to practice many beautiful tourism activities.

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Tourist activities in Trabzon ..

Tourist activities in TrabzonTourist activities in TrabzonThe city has a wonderful view of the Black Sea, so it provides tourists with a set of beautiful water activities such as swimming, fishing, and other activities. It also has monuments worth exploring in addition to the charming nature that captivates the hearts.

Find out the best times to visit Trabzon ..

Find out the best times to visit Trabzon
Learn the best times to visit Trabzon. Dear tourists. The weather in Trabzon is warm throughout the year. Despite this, tourists flock to the city all year round, even in June and July, because the temperatures do not rise dramatically, but are suitable for hiking and practicing various tourist activities.

Visiting the mosque of Gulbhar Khatun ..

Visiting the mosque of Gulbhar KhatunWe recommend that you make a visit to this mosque because it is an important historical landmark in the city, so its construction dates back to the year 1510 AD and with it you will enjoy learning about Ottoman architecture at this time.

Hiking in Uzun Gül .. the most beautiful tourist activities in Trabzon ..

Hiking in Uzun Gul LakeHiking in Uzun Gul when you visit the city you cannot miss sailing in its lake, it is the longest natural lake in Turkey and enjoys a wonderful beauty view and with it you can swim and fish and we advise you to see the sunset in front of it as you will enjoy wandering among the trees surrounding it so I take memorial photos in the midst of this atmosphere Beautiful natural. You should visit the fish farms in it and buy from it. The lake is famous for river salmon and you can eat it in the existing restaurant and of course you have to take pictures. There are also small wooden rooms in the region where you can stay to enjoy living in the arms of nature Also, their prices are moderate.

Climbing to the top of Buz Tabh .. the most important tourist activities in Trabzon ..

Bose Tabet's climax If you are a fan of climbing high places, you must climb the peak of Bose Tabah to feel the cold breezes on the warm summer nights. It is sure that you will spend beautiful times in the open air and the summit will provide you with a beautiful view of the Black Sea coast.

The pleasure of shopping in Trabzon .. the most important tourist activities in Trabzon ..

The pleasure of shopping in TrabzonThe pleasure of shopping in Trabzon from the most beautiful tourist activities that you can do is shopping from its stores and popular markets, especially the closed market of Dostan, where the beautiful Ottoman architecture, so I buy souvenirs from gold, silver, Turkish fabrics, decorations and other beautiful products and you should visit the European market Nice products at reasonable prices, Al-Medyan Market, Kamar Market and Al-Tawil Market. The Malls are Jawaher Mall and Forum Mall.

Learn about the history of the city ..

Learn about the history of the cityKnowing the history of the city The city has a history that appears in its buildings, so one of the most important tourist activities in the city is to get acquainted with its historical monuments, you should visit Trabzon Castle to see the unique Ottoman architecture and the inscriptions that decorate its walls and have a drink in the café in it and in front of the beautiful view of the Black Sea coast then Visit the museum to see the valuable antiquities belonging to the Byzantine era, as you will learn from them about the way of life of the inhabitants in the past. You should also visit the Sumala temple because it is an archaeological monument that was also established in the fourteenth century and is located on Mount Somala, but be careful. Its steep slope is 1200 meters above sea level

Picnic in the gardens ..

Picnic in the gardensThe city owns a group of beautiful public parks so you have to take a walk in it, especially with your children, to enjoy walking among the trees and in the beautiful nature and in the open air. Located in the garden, some gardens also offer wooden huts on green hills to provide visitors with the possibility to relax in the arms of nature

eat the food ..

The city is distinguished by serving many dishes to suit different tastes, so we find local, eastern and western dishes. We recommend you to try traditional Turkish food. The city also provides other kitchens, such as Mexican and Indian cuisine, and among the best restaurants are Roxalana Restaurant, Eviolim and Evera, you should eat food prepared on firewood and also eat Turkish butter, honey and cheese have a delicious taste and you can buy it and take it with you to your country.

Hiking between the highlands … the best tourist activities in Trabzon ..

Hiking between the highlandsHiking among the highlands is one of the most exciting tourist activities, but be careful so as not to be harmed and wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Examples of these highlands are the highlands of Maca Solma, Maca Mafora, Maca Kiraz and La Pazan and in the highlands you will also see different types of plants and birds. You should also visit Ayder Heights to enjoy standing in the rain for its all year round.

Rowing with rubber boats.

Rowing with rubber boatsKayaking is one of the most beautiful activities in the city, as it gives you a great sense of happiness for kayaking in the beautiful nature.

Stroll on the shore of Lake Limni ..

The shore of the lake is characterized by having different types of trees, such as Sare Jam trees, Ladin and other strange trees. You can also see animals such as deer and fox. You will enjoy sitting in a beautiful natural place. You must rent a boat and take a walk in the lake waters to catch fish.

Ascension to the summit of Haider Nabi ..

Climbing to the top of Haider NabiWe advise you to try going up this summit because it possesses large green spaces and in it you will see a lake of fish and there is at the top a cafe for you to have a drink from it and sit down to see the beautiful landscapes and do not miss to take memorial photos.

Touring the Sultan’s heights ..

Dear tourist, we advise you to go on a tour of these highlands so that you can see beautiful wild animals such as deer and squirrels, if you love camping, you can camp in it to enjoy the natural atmosphere and to attend festivals that are held at night, such as music concerts, comedy shows and traditional dances.

Explore the Challenge adventure ..

Explore the Challenge adventure Explore the chalets ’tourist adventure. If you are a fan of exploratory activities and adventure, you should go on a tour of the cave of chalets to explore to see stalagmites and cataclysms in addition to the water ponds that have formed over the ages. Commemorative photos for her, but you have to go in the company of a guide. Of course, visit the Ataturk Trabzon Palace to enjoy wandering in its external garden that includes many types of flowers so I take pictures of it and inside the palace you will enjoy watching valuable antiques belonging to the century XIX Kallohat, clothes, furniture, the palace is open from eight o’clock in the morning till seven o’clock, seven days a week.

Things to do in Lake Seragol, Trabzon.

Things to do in Sirajul Lake, TrabzonActivities you can do in Lake Seragol, Trabzon – Walk around with your family to enjoy watching green spaces of trees and flowers. – Go to see the animals. – Head to the lake to relax in front of it and fish. – Rent a boat, take a walk, and take souvenir photos. For these beautiful moments. – Have a meal in one of the restaurants in the garden, especially in front of the lake.

Activities you can do in Trabzon Square ..

Activities you can do in Trabzon squareActivities you can do in Trabzon Square – take a walk around the square to learn about its features and architecture such as the statue of Ataturk and to see the beautiful fountains, you should take souvenir photos next to it. – Sit in a café and have a cup of Turkish coffee along with delicious baked goods. – Take a tour of Shops spread out to buy local Turkish brands, and we advise you to buy beautiful jewelry and souvenirs.

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