Venice is one of the most distinguished italyn cities, consisting of one hundred small islands and filled with the manifestations of Renaissance architecture as well as buildings in the Gothic style. There is much that you can enjoy in Venice, whether relaxing and enjoying its wonderful weather, wandering among its distinct features or taking a tour of the water channels that are more Activities practiced by tourists inside the city.

Here is a list of the various tourism activities in Venice

Getting around in a boat Get around in a gondola

One of the most famous tourist activities in Venice and it cannot be your journey without taking a tour, you can take your tour at any time due to the wonderful city weather, but it is the optimal sunset time due to the charming view that you can see. You find these long boats in various parts of the city at any place connected to the channel Water, and you can take a private tour, or wander with other passengers, and can only accommodate six passengers.Getting around in a boat Get around in a gondola

Take a trip down the Grand Canal

If you want to explore a larger side of the water channels, there is no better than the river bus to the city, this tour allows you to see a lot of the city’s landmarks and buildings, so it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist activities in Venice. The trip extends to include about three and a half kilometers, during which you get to know the customs of the city And how its residents live. You must reserve your ticket before boarding the bus, as you quickly have seats on board.Take a trip down the Grand Canal

Taste for true Venetian cuisine

One of the tourist activities in Venice practiced by many tourists, namely, tasting local foods and dishes of various kinds. This is because the city has a wonderful kitchen that serves delicious food. The lake lake fresh fish dish is one of the most delicious local foods, there is also a meatballs dish, along with the raw seafood dish.Taste for true Venetian cuisine

Venice Concert

Attending concerts is one of the most important tourist activities in Venice and tourists from the city come from all over the world only to attend them, concerts are held in the city’s public squares by a group of the most prominent music of the country and the world. La Vince Ensemble holds at least two music concerts during the concert season, there is also the Malibran Theater Special parties as well, this is next to Toniolo Theater.

Eat rare seafood you’ve never seen before

Another of the tourism activities in Venice that revolve around food, because Italy and its local people consider food a symbol of happiness and celebration. Venice is particularly distinguished for the seafood that you find in various types and shapes, and it is presented in the markets immediately after catching it. You can taste some of the sandwiches or foods Seafood has many stalls that fill the local markets such as: Rialto Markets and Kiudja Market>Eat rare seafood you’ve never seen before

Attend the Carnevale

One of the tourism activities in Venice, which is suitable for all family members, where it is possible to enjoy an atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment. Carnivals have been held in Venice since the Middle Ages, and is a celebration in which people wear fun fancy dress for their favorite characters. With motifs and individuals in various costumes, don’t forget to surround your camera to take some great pictures.Attend the Carnevale

Go Window Shopping

Windows shopping is one of the best tourist activities in Venice, as it gives you a unique shopping experience. The city’s shops and boutiques are equipped with glass windows that display people practicing some of the distinctive crafts related to the merchandise they offer. Of those crafts on display; jewelry making methods, and the masquerade and festive masks decoration. If you want to shop within designer stores offering upscale and distinctive products, head to San Marco neighborhood. There is also Strada Nova Street, which is located in the neighborhood of Connareggio, and includes a number of souvenir shops and local manufactures. If you want to shop for some items He went to Dorsoduro, which includes a number of galleries and art galleries.

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