Tourist advice to travel to Russia

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Russia is one of the exciting countries to visit, as it is blessed with its own culture, iconic historical and civilizational sites, as well as sites full of natural charm.

The visitor finds great pleasure in wandering among the features of Russian architecture in a special style similar to stories and legends, and getting to know its history through palaces, museums and cathedrals.

Today we are acquainted with you with important advice to visit Russia.

Stone the hotel from your country

It is difficult to obtain a hotel reservation upon arrival in Russia, as places are not easily available, and the prices are very high. Therefore, early reservations must be made from your country before traveling, especially in the tourist season and the World Cup season.

Metro map

Although moving by metro is the easiest for the tourist, the metro in Moscow is very complex and the travelers likened it to the labyrinth, so it is always advisable to carry the metro map with you before using it and know your direction accurately, as it is advised to download the map to your smartphone.

the Russian language

Most Russians are not fluent in English, so you may have difficulty communicating with them, so you must know some basic Russian words before traveling and be sure to have a dictionary of terms on your smartphone.

Observe the safety rules

Avoid curiosity and wander around in remote or prohibited places inside Russia to avoid exposure to thieves or gangsters, and always stay in the vicinity of tourist areas and populated streets.

Accompany the passport

When moving in Russia it is preferable to take the passport with you during your tours, as Russian police officers prefer to confirm the identity of tourists in several situations.

Avoid the taxi

Tourists find it easy to use the taxi as a means of transportation during their tours, but the taxi is not recommended in Russia as it is one of the most expensive in the world.

Halal food

You will not be able to easily recognize food ingredients in the Russian language, so search for Arabic and Syrian restaurants to get guaranteed halal meals.

Buy souvenirs

Avoid buying souvenirs, such as Russian dolls, from gift shops in tourist places, as these gifts are sold at multiple times their real price. You can go to the wholesale market and popular markets to buy them.

Money exchange

It is preferable to exchange money at the airport, as it is much cheaper than the exchange rate abroad, and to avoid dealing inside the country in dollars or euros, but in the local currency to obtain better prices.

Tourist advice to travel to Russia - Tourist advice to travel to Russia
Enjoyable tourism in Russia

1581287972 763 Tourist advice to travel to Russia - Tourist advice to travel to Russia
Important advice before traveling to Russia

1581287972 510 Tourist advice to travel to Russia - Tourist advice to travel to Russia
Russia has stunning architectural attractions

1581287972 394 Tourist advice to travel to Russia - Tourist advice to travel to Russia
Enjoy your trip in Russia and learn about its culture


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