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A guide to the best tourist areas in Hong Kong, as it is one of the most important tourist areas in China, and this is because it has many elements and factors that attract tourists to it, as it has many natural, historical and cultural attractions.
It also has many different places that can be stayed during a long visit to Hong Kong, so we have worked to collect the largest number of tourist areas that can be enjoyed on our tour.

The most popular tourist areas in Hong Kong:

There are many different tourist areas in Hong Kong that are really worth a visit, so we will get to know them by following this article. Among the most important of these tourist areas:

Hong Kong Disneyland:

Hong Kong Disneyland Park is one of the most beautiful and beautiful parks around the city of Hong Kong, but rather around the entire world, and for this it has a large area and a special place among many tourists, as the area of ​​this park is more than 68 acres in Beni Bay.
On Lantau Island located in Hong Kong, where this park is one of the most important tourist attractions in China, as it receives a large number of visitors up to 34 thousand per day, and this is one of the high rates compared to the rest of the parks and other parks in Hong Kong.

Lantau Island:

Lantau Island is one of the largest and most important islands in Hong Kong, located on the banks of the Pearl River, and it is considered one of the best and most beautiful natural tourism places in Hong Kong, where the enchanting blue waters gather around it.
In addition, it has many beautiful golden beaches, which work to provide a large number of activities that can be enjoyed and practiced through your visit to the island.

Ocean Park:

Ocean Park, also called Marine Mammal Park, is also a private zoo and park, and has many other benefits that everyone can enjoy, as Ocean Park is located in the southern side of Hong Kong.
And it takes a very large area of ​​up to 91.9 hectares, and it is one of the most important tourist areas that enter among more than 13 parks, where more than 8 million people are visited per year, it has the most visits among many parks.

Nefong Ping 360:

This plateau is considered one of the most tourist places that many tourists come to from different countries of the world, and this is for the fall from above, as it is characterized by a charming atmosphere, and the trip in this plateau is considered one of the interesting and interesting trips, as it is one of the charming trips.
It also has a magical journey through the cable car, which is a cart made of crystal that contains a glass base for enjoying the beautiful and amazing views, as well as looking at the birds and the enchanting blue sea, many different mountains, green lands and other charming views.

Big Buddha statue:

The Great Buddha Museum named it after its representation, and it is one of the largest bronze statues of Buddha. It was worked on in 1993 and was placed in a museum of its own and named after his name.
It is located in Nefong Ping on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, where there are many different places beside this statue, as well as a large number of different restaurants, and that statue symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man, nature, people and faith.
It is also an official residence in Hong Kong, and also one of the most important tourist areas in Hong Kong.

Victoria Park:

This park is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hong Kong, where it was named after Victoria in relation to Queen Victoria from the United Kingdom, and it is located in Causeway Bay in the north of Hong Kong Island.
Where a lot of people come to them on weekends and this in order to spend their free time in them, as this is located in a private park and it is considered one of the most important family gardens that families enjoy when visiting, and that all things fall behind behind its excellent location.


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