Tourist attraction, Dubai frame

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We offer you the most important information about the tourist landmark, Dubai Frame, which is an architectural masterpiece that recently joins the list of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city, and it represents a bridge that connects the history of Dubai in the past to the present and the future, and Dubai has managed in recent years to dazzle tourists through many different monuments Of parks, museums and cabarets.
Among the advantages of Dubai in tourism is also the interest in providing fun entertainment activities such as helicopter rides and safari trips, and this has attracted millions of tourists annually as they number more than 10 million tourists from different countries of the world, and if you want to visit a distinctive tourist destination in That charming city. In Arab travelers, we show you the most important information about Dubai Frame.

Tourist attraction, Dubai frame

Information on Dubai frame

  • The opening date of the Dubai Frame dates back to January of last year, and its total area reaches 7145 square meters, and the length of its ribs reaches 150 meters, while the width reaches 93 meters.
  • What distinguishes this tourist attraction also is that each of its ribs is gold-plated, in addition to its floor made of glass, and it is expected that the number of tourists to this place will reach 2 million tourists annually, and this place is also scheduled to be the seat of many celebrations, whether religious or national .
  • The cost of building this project amounted to about 250 million dirhams, and it was built in Zabeel Park, and among the goals of its construction is also that it will be among the projects that will be displayed at Expo 2020.

Dubai Frame features

  • Dubai Frame is distinguished by its unique architectural design, and when you start your journey by wandering inside this frame on its first floor you will get to know the first destination which is the “old Dubai exhibition” which briefly tells its visitors how Dubai has evolved by highlighting the shape of the city in the past and its shape now after development, and all that By using all audiovisual displays.
  • Once you get to the top floor you can see a very beautiful panoramic scene, where you will be able to see the old Dubai landmarks such as Dubai Creek and the sandy and modern dunes like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Resort.
  • On this floor you can get to know a lot of information about the stages of development in Dubai next to the infrastructure, in addition to knowing a lot of information about building the most important tourist attractions, through the use of the latest technology for electronic panels, and that destination is called “Dubai of the present.”
  • After completing a brief overview of Dubai’s shape today, you will then move to the “Dubai Future District” exhibition, which is a large whirlpool-like tunnel that includes many sound effects and lights, embodying the idea of ​​moving and traveling through time.
  • Through this exhibition, the visitor can get to know the shape of the city of Dubai after fifty years from now, where experts expect that it will become the city of the future, which depends mainly on modern technology that will capture the daily life of individuals in many uses.
  • Among the advantages of this place is that it includes a souvenir shop that displays a lot of pictures of the place, besides it includes a number of restaurants and cafes that enable you to taste the best foods and drinks at an altitude of 150 meters, and do not forget to take memorial photos of the place that becomes more beautiful at sunset and sparkles At night time his lights are lit to add a magical touch to him and the garden surrounding him.

Dubai frame tickets prices

Ticket prices reach 20 dirhams for children from three years to 12 years old, and 50 dirhams for adults and free of charge for those under three years and for people with special needs and the elderly.
It is worth noting that the times for visiting Dubai Frame begin daily from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.
And if you want to book an entry ticket to the place online and learn more information about it, you can visit its official website by entering this link.


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