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State of Russia

The country of Russia is located geographically north of the continent of Asia, and it is officially known as the Federal Russia, and its capital is the city of Moscow, with a land area of ​​17,075,400 square kilometers, and it is administratively divided into eighty-three federal entities, and its system of government is a semi-presidential federal republic, with a population of 142,946. 800 million people according to the statistics of the year 2010 AD, and its official language is Russian.

Russia’s tourist cities

Moscow city

Moscow is located geographically on the Moskva River, and is considered the administrative capital of Russia, and is characterized by being a center of culture, politics, money, economy, religion, education and transportation in the state, and among its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Shukhov Tower: It was built by Eng. Vladimir Shukhov between 1919 AD and 1922 AD.
  • Cathedrals: St. Basil’s Cathedral, Christ the Redeemer Cathedral, and Kazan Cathedral.
  • The Seven Chakels Building: It was constructed by the engineer Stalin in the Gothic Salene style, and it consists of seven buildings.
  • Ostankino tower: Built in 1967 AD, it is considered one of the tallest structures on the planet, but today it ranks third among the world’s tallest constellations.
  • Other parameters: New Arbat Street, Tsaritsyno Park, Ascension Church and Moscow Zoo.

Kazan city

Kazan is located geographically at the confluence of the Volga River and the Kazanka River, which is an administrative capital to the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, and was chosen as the sports capital in Russia in 2009 AD, and its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Shareef Sharif Mosque: It is considered one of the largest mosques in Russia in the second rank, as it is the main mosque in the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Memorial: It is the Tatar poet Musa Jalil.
  • Marjani Mosque: It is the first mosque built with stone in Russia, and was built after the occuAl Bahahn of Kazan by Evan the Terrible, and opened in 1770 AD.
  • Other parameters: The Faculty of Law of the Kazan University, the Temple of Religions, the Church of the Annunciation, and the Leaning Tower.

The city of Vladivostok

Vladivostok is located geographically on the Moraviov-Amorsk Peninsula, specifically on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Japan, and is located at a distance of 6430 km from the capital city of Moscow, and was founded in 1860 AD, and its land area is 331.16 km², and its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Vladivostok Castle: Constructed in the nineteenth century AD, it is considered one of the unique military constructions that still exist today, with an area of ​​400 km², and it contains 130 cobblers and 1400 cannons.
  • Voroshilov battery: It is located on the south side of the island of Rossky, and it consists of two towers and each tower has three cannons, and construction began in 1931 AD, and was completed two years later, and the battery is today part of the regional regional alliance.
  • The Marine Natural Reserve: It was established in 1978 AD to protect the environment, protect wild and marine creatures, and conduct scientific research and studies, with an area of ​​64,316 hectares.

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