Tourist cities of Tunisia

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It is located geographically on the northern side of the continent of Africa, officially known as the Tunisian Republic, and its capital is the city of Tunis, and the system of government is a parliamentary republic, and its national motto is: (freedom – dignity – justice – order), and its land area is 163,610 km², and a population of 10,982. 754 people according to the statistics of 2014, and its official currency is the Tunisian Dinar.

Tourist cities of Tunisia

The city of Sidi Bou Said

The city was established in the Middle Ages, and it is located geographically at the top of the rocky slope that overlooks the Gulf of Tunis and the city of Carthage, and was named this name in relation to the good guardian Abu Saeed Al-Baji, and among its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Al-Najma Palace Al-Zahraa: It was built by order of the English count (Erlanger), and today it is a museum that holds Arab and classical music concerts and displays musical instruments.
  • Sidi Shaban Café: It is considered one of the most famous places in the city, and it is characterized by serving tea mixed with hazelnut seeds.

Kairouan city

It is located geographically in the center of Tunisia, and its name dates back to the Persian language Kirwan, which means camp. It was founded in the year 667 AD by the leader Aqba bin Nafi, but it was destroyed in the year 1956 AD by the Khurarj, then it was rebuilt after Tunisia’s independence from the French occupation, and its land area is 6,712 km² Among the most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Quarter Market: It is famous for its carpet trade.
  • The shrine of the companion Abu Zemaa Al-Balawi: It is considered one of the most important religious sites in Tunisia.
  • Al-Balaghia Market: It is famous for making and selling shoes.
  • The National Museum of Islamic Art: It is located in Burqada area.
  • Other parameters: Bab Tunis, the Mosque of Aqaba, Souk el-Attarin, Bir Barouta, Aghlat Aghlab, the shrine of Sidi Abid El-Gharyani, Bab El-Jadid, and the Library of the House of Wisdom.

The city of Sousse

The city was founded in the year 1101 BC by the Phoenicians, and it is one of the important tourist cities in Tunisia, as it receives more than a million and a half tourists each year, and among its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Boujafar Beach: Where the Osu Folk Festival is held.
  • Sousse Museum: It is a castle built in the ninth century AD.
  • Great Mosque: It was built at the beginning of the ninth century AD, but many changes were made in the tenth and seventeenth centuries CE.

The city of Djerba

It is an island located in the southeastern side of Tunisia, specifically in the Gulf of Gabes, and it belongs administratively to the governorate of Medenine, and its land area is 514 km2, and among its most prominent tourist attractions:

  • Ras Raml Island: It is known as Pink Flamingo Island.
  • Galala Museum: It is one of the largest museums in Tunisia, and was built on the Tasita plateau.
  • The Big Tower: It is one of the prominent historical monuments in the city, and it is called the Ghazi Mustafa Tower.
  • Other parameters: The wholesale market, the Nador building that was built in the nineteenth century AD, the Turkish Mosque, the Ghriba Temple located in the delegation of Houmt Souk, the crocodile garden, and the golf course.

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