Here are the details of the tourist guide, Hatta District, Dubai. The Hatta region is one of the most prominent tourist sites of the Emirate of Dubai, as it is a tourist attraction center for many visitors from all over the world, due to the amazing natural scenery and heritage places that make its visit a memorable tourist trip.
The most characteristic of the Hatta region is its proximity to the Emirate of Dubai, where it takes less than an hour to reach it, to reach one of the most important tourist facades in the UAE, to find there a Hatta region with its rocky terrain and cool fresh air, which is a unique place for nature lovers. And adventurers.
Tourist activities in the Hatta region vary greatly, from exploring its heritage features on foot, mountain biking, kayaking to Lake Hatta, visiting Hatta and the Dahab Valley, to find yourself enjoying many interesting tourism activities in one place.
Here is an article that includes your tour guide for an enjoyable tourist visit in the Hatta district in Dubai from the Arab Travelers website.

Tourist guide, Hatta district, Dubai

How far is Hanna from Dubai

The Hatta region is located approximately 115 kilometers southeast of the Emirate of Dubai, which makes it may take about 90 minutes by car, to see during your trip to reach the Hatta area many scenic landscapes represented by the mountainous terrain on both sides of the road, which you can notice It changed color from the golden color of the sand to the dark red color of the mountains.

Hatta Lake

Hatta Natural Lake is one of the largest natural water bodies in this region, which many visitors go to for pleasure, recreation and rest, because it is a natural lake that is filled with clear waters that shine when exposed to sunlight by lighting until it is surrounded by towering mountains with a scenic view, and visitors can Canoeing inside for a great experience.
Hatta Lake

Restaurants in Hatta Dubai

There are many restaurants in the Hatta region that provide distinguished services for visitors, including:
Restaurant Rawabi Hatta
Which is located in Dubai – Hatta Road – Hatta and provides services to visitors from seven in the morning until twelve at night, and you can contact him via the phone number +971 56 565 2567
Cafe Gazebo Restaurant

Located in Dubai – Hatta Road (E44 Road) and provides services to visitors from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, and you can contact the place via the phone number +971 4 809 9333

Tanoor Lahm Restaurant

There is in Dubai – Hatta Road – Hatta, the place is equipped to receive visitors from one o’clock in the afternoon until one in the middle of the night, and you can communicate through the phone number +971 50 230 6800

Freej Hatta Café

The place is located in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, and it receives customers from five in the evening until eleven at night, you can also contact him via the phone number +971 56 746 9606.

Tourist activities in the Hatta district of Dubai

The Hatta Dubai region has a distinct geographical location to bring together all the landmarks and natural features, including terrain, rocky mountains, lakes, sands and heritage monuments, so one of the most prominent tourist activities that you can do in the Hatta Dubai region:

Dubai Hatta Mountains

The Hatta region in the Emirate of Dubai is characterized by its rocky mountainous nature with rocky terrain and high terrain, so that it is a natural shrine suitable for nature lovers and contemplation of the landscape.
Although ancient Hatta was known only by its natural farms, its traditional village, and the old fortress, it is one of the oldest heritage places in the Emirates and has now become a tourist attraction with multiple recreational activities, including enjoying the beauty of nature that you can feel by walking around on foot or by car to see the landscape The scenic spread in the region, to find the Hatta Fort Hotel welcoming you with the most beautiful aspects of celebration, interest and comfortable stay, then you should go to visit the Hatta Dam to take a short enjoyable tour of a boat and enjoy the natural scenery surrounding you.
Dubai Hatta Mountains

Hatta Heritage Village

After completing your short tour to enjoy the beauty of the landscape in Hatta, on your way back you can visit the ancient village of Hatta, which will give you a feeling of going back centuries past, it is a land dominated by history and history, because of the built towers, forts and castles dominated by the historical heritage of Dubai In addition, there are a number of watchtowers, the archaeological mosque, and the fortress built in the center of the village.
Hatta village is not limited to heritage areas only, but the village land is fertile land rich in water springs, valleys and palm plantations in addition to its mild climate, it was an agricultural village in the ancient times based on agriculture and agriculture as a source of livelihood for those who live in it.
Hatta Heritage Village

Mountain biking

You cannot visit the Hatta region without enjoying the experience of mountain biking on mountain tracks located near agricultural lands, rocks and hills, in addition to the passage of cyclists on some of the picturesque heritage areas at the foot of the mountain, which are traditional small villages inaccessible Except by walking or biking.
Mountain biking


Although there are many luxury hotels and resorts in the Hatta Dubai region that give you comfortable accommodations and distinguished services, there are many visitors who prefer to camp in the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and meditate on the beauty of nature at night from high-altitude places, so there are many Some of the sites that have been designed for camping in the Hatta region have also been provided with all the public facilities and essentials visitors may need for camping, and places dedicated to holding barbecue parties, which will give visitors to Hatta a wonderful tourism experience.

Hatta Kayak

One of the interesting experiences in the Hatta region is the possibility to rent kayaks and can paddle in Lake Hatta, and enjoy the scenic landscape surrounding the lake from green lands and fertile valleys.

Transportation within the city of Hatta

Due to the rocky mountainous nature of Hatta, it is not possible to reach all the places inside by moving around by car, but it is better to ride bicycles or hike on foot and the area has provided many paved and safe paths for the visitors’ walk to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature of the place.

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