Tourist Island of Hawaii

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Hawaiian Tourist Island

The island of Hawaii or as some people call it the big island is located until they differentiate it from the state of Hawaii in an area called an archipelago, which is an American state surrounded by the north from the Pacific Ocean, and is classified as the largest American island in terms of area with an area of ​​about 10.430 square kilometers, either Its population is approximately 185,079 people, and these statistics were for the year 2010 AD in particular, and it is governed by an administrative board located in the state, and Hilo is considered its largest city.

Hawaiian label

According to historical sources and studies, the island named it in relation to the seas that it discovered, which is Hawaiian Polynesian origin, while other sayings say that it was named according to a scientist called Hawaiian, which is a land that originated in the Polynesians and considered it the homeland of their gods, while European Captain James Cook said That he had discovered it.

Hawaiian History

This island was considered the first home of Commander Kamehamehan who worked to unify the entire archipelago in the year 1795 AD, following a large group of wars.

Hawaiian tourist attractions

There are many attractions that can be visited when going to the island to enjoy, including:

  • Na Bali Coast Coast: Visitors and tourists go for long hours, surrounded by a group of landscapes, such as valleys, cliffs, and rivers. The coast is located in the northwestern part of this island.
  • Hannah Road: It is located near Lake Turquoise, and it is one of the most beautiful ways that a person can take and walk, because it is surrounded by a large group of waterfalls, and connects the city of Kahului with the city of Hana.
  • Loulani Palace: It is the only palace located in the United States of America, and was completed in the year 1882 AD, to form one of the most prominent landmarks of the island.
  • Waimea Canyon: A wonderful place that includes a large group of the most important natural artifacts, it is located on the western side of the island and reaches a length of about sixteen kilometers, while its depth reaches nine hundred meters.
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Includes the largest global volcanoes, namely the volcanic Mona Loa and Keloya, and an area of ​​about one thousand three hundred square kilometers, and contains a large group of world heritage sites.

Many different activities can be practiced when visiting the island, including swimming with devil fish, which are harmless fish in spite of their huge size, giant surfing and horse riding, in addition to walking in its distinctive streets, and includes a large group of hotels, restaurants, and guest houses that It serves international delicacies, including Chinese and Filipino.


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