Tourist islands in Greece

المسافرون العرب


Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe, and it occupies a strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa, its climate is varied, there is a mild Mediterranean climate in summer and cold in winter, moderate climate, and alpine climate, and it is considered a tourist country that is visited by tourists from different countries of the world, and many follow It is one of the famous islands known to attract tourists.

Tourist islands in Greece

Learn about the most prominent tourist attractions in Greece:

  • Kos Island: It is a coastal island that contains clean beaches, agricultural lands rich in figs, grapes, wheat and corn fields, and includes many ancient archaeological sites, such as: the castle dating back to the fourteenth century and built by the Knights of St. John bin Rodos in addition to the old market, and many hotels and restaurants Modern and various places of entertainment, it combines nature, heritage and modernity.
  • Samos island: One of the most important Greek islands that contain picturesque beaches full of attractive beaches gravel, and is considered very suitable for scuba diving and jumping, and contains ancient archeological sites, such as: the ruins of the Temple of Hera and the Eubalienian canal.
  • Paros Island: It is fascinating by its beautiful nature and its antique villages that paved its streets with pebbles and its white buildings, and it includes many cities that contain various recreational places, and quiet and picturesque tourist beaches.
  • Chios Island: It is an island famous for its historical monuments in the middle of it, such as: the eleventh century Nya Moni Monastery located south of the island. It also contains many medieval villages that are filled with constellations, in addition to containing groups of colorful chrysanthemums.
  • Rhodes Island: It is located in a region close to the Turkish coast, and contains many archaeological treasures, such as: the Temple of Apollo, the Governor’s Palace, the pedestrian bridge of Rhodes, and there is a medieval city.

Other islands

Here is also a list of other tourist islands in Greece:

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  • Sikathos Island: This island is located in the north of Greece.
  • Corfu Island: It is an island that contains a mixture of civilizations and ethnic cultures. It contains the ancient cities that bear the character of the uneven Greek, French and British architectural style, and they have many modern museums, beaches and stunning landscapes.
  • Crete: It is the largest and most populated Greek island, and it is a diversified place of picturesque natural areas, archaeological areas and modern life, it contains many restaurants, hotels and shops, in addition to historical monuments, such as: Knossos Palace, and its visitors can also practice walking in the open air , Climbing, horse riding.

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