Tourist islands in Indonesia

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Indonesia is considered one of the most beautiful countries around the world, and it is located in the southeastern side of the continent of Asia, with a population of 258.705,000 people and a population density of 124.66 n / km² according to statistics in 2016, and was classified as the fourth in terms of population, and there is a large number of Muslims And is characterized by the presence of many islands belonging to it and different in its terrain, with a number of islands of 17,508 islands, and is one of the famous tourist islands, which is one of the most beautiful distinctive tourist destinations.

Tourist islands of Indonesia

Java Island

Is one of the most important Indonesian islands, and the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is characterized by being very large, and includes a large population in relation to its area, with an area of ​​132 square kilometers, and a population of about 127 million, the number of Muslims 93%, and the rest convert to Christianity and Buddhism, and this island is characterized by the presence of Many tourist places, such as the National Marine Reserve and tourist resorts, and diving can be seen to see coral reefs, as it is characterized by its quiet beach.

Bangka Islands

Is a group of adjacent islands, located in Plitung Province, and is characterized by the presence of many sandy beaches, tin mines, and many diving education centers and tourist resorts, and the most famous international restaurants and hotels that provide all important tourism services to tourists.

Kings Islands

Four neighboring islands are: Ijyo, Misol, Banta, and Salawati, and are characterized by being among the finest islands in terms of natural diversity and marine life which is the most beautiful on earth, so its visitors cannot miss the opportunity to see coral and stone heads, and mountains that rise directly from the sea.

Komodo Island

This island was named after this strange animal that lives in it called Komodo, which is the largest species of endangered lizards, so the island is considered a national park to protect endangered animals, and was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the color of its pink beach that turned into this color due to the death of many From the coral, tourists can visit this island to enjoy the natural scenery, see the komodo, and camp on the beach.

Flores Island

It is also called Al-Zohour Island, which is one of the largest islands in Indonesia and the most beautiful in beauty. It contains Klimoto volcano in addition to the presence of some volcanic volcanoes distinctive in their three colors black, blue and green, in addition to its wonderful and picturesque beach. And fishing.

Gili Islands

It is three converged islands that include picturesque beaches and suitable for relaxation, and many diving schools, cafes and stores that offer the most beautiful clothes and products, and these islands are among the islands suitable for tourists who love to shop and relax.


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