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Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, and it has the advantage of containing the largest number of Muslims in the world. Therefore, many Muslims in the world want to visit them either for tourism or to study in order to provide aspects of the Islamic religion in it and ease of living.

Tourist islands in Indonesia

Indonesia is characterized by the abundance of beautiful and picturesque islands, it is the largest archipelago in the world in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, where the number of islands reaches 17508 islands of varying size and nature, and is considered the first destination that is recommended by tourism experts in the world, especially in the period from April to The month of October where the right climate and atmosphere are wonderful. Among these islands are the following:

Derawan Islands

The Derawan Islands are distinguished by the beauty of nature and the welcoming of its inhabitants, so the visitor can dive into the turquoise crystal-like waters and see the turtles and coral reefs, as its water is very clean and there is no fear of relaxation in it, and May is the most appropriate month to visit when the weather is dry.

One of the wonderful things about it for a Muslim visitor is that he can hear the call to prayer from an easily accessible mosque and perform the obligatory prayer, so he can combine relaxation and enjoyment while performing the obligatory acts of worship.

Visitors can go down to the resort or wooden villas built in Balinese style to increase the chances of feeling simple and calm away from the complexities of the city, and eat fresh seafood such as grilled fish or satin squid and other delicious seafood.

Banga and Plitung Islands

The islands of Banga and Belitung are located in the province of Banga-Beltung in addition to other islands, where sandy beaches abound, and they are characterized by the presence of tin mines that tourists can visit, and there are the completely granite Batu Perlayar Islands, and for diving lovers they can practice this hobby safely and with pleasure.

Paula Sripo Islands

The Pola Srebo Islands are 110 islands extending broadly across the Bay of Jakarta, and these islands diversify as there are two islands specializing in turtle breeding, but the authorities prevented visiting them in order to preserve turtles and their reproduction from extinction, and few people inhabit some of these islands but not all of them.

Carmungaw Islands

These islands are 27 small islands north of Java Island, and most of them are considered a national marine reserve, and there are five islands dedicated to the military sector, or private companies that build tourist resorts.

Bunaken Island

This island is characterized by the presence of marine life is very beautiful and can dive into its waters to enjoy the views under the water, and you can move from it to other nearby islands with ease.

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