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Tourist Maldives

The Maldives is located in the continent of Asia in the Indian Ocean, which is a small island, and it is a Muslim country where all the inhabitants in it are Muslims, and it was called the time limits or Mahdeeb, and Britain occupied and transformed it into the British protectorate for 78 years, and he declared its independence In the year 1965 AD.

And its climate is characterized by being relatively high humid, with a temperature of 24 to 33 percentage points, and rainfall per year is approximately 2.540 mm in the north, and the southern side is 3,810 mm, and the language followed by the country’s population is the Dhivehi language, which contains many From Arabic vocabulary.

Economy in the Maldives

The islands are known for their shells, dried tuna fish, coconut ropes, and amber. Foreign and domestic commercial ships transported various products to Sri Lanka, and transported them through them to different ports in the Indian Ocean. The Arabs were called in the ancient islands of Mal, where they had controlled the trade routes In the Indian Ocean, also the shells in the Maldives were used as an international currency, and are now used as a symbol of the Maldives Money Authority.

In 1989 the Maldivian government set up an economic reform program, and it started by opening some exports to the private sector, raising import quotas, and after some time allowed foreign investment to invest in them, as the average real gross domestic product reached more than 7.5% in Year, for more than a decade, and at the present time, tourism is one of the largest industries in the Maldives, where it represents approximately 28% of the gross domestic product, and more than 60% of foreign currency revenues, and we do not forget the importance of fishing, it constitutes the factor The second major development of the economy in the Maldives.

But in late December of 2004, a tsunami wreaked havoc, with more than 100 deaths, nearly 12,000 people homeless, and great damage to various property; it had reached $ 400 million, and after the tsunami disaster Economic GDP shrank by 3.6% from the year 2005AD, and the recovery after the disaster was very fast, with the economy recovering by 18% in 2006, and according to 2007 statistics, it enjoyed the highest domestic production, reaching $ 4,600 per capita, among the countries of the Asian continent With the exception of the Arab Gulf states.

Tourism in Maldives

The Maldives was in the knowledge of the unseen until the early seventies AD, as it has a unique geographical location, after relying on the fisheries sector quickly turned to the tourism sector, where it became a source of livelihood for many of the Maldivian people, and is considered one of the most money-generating countries Foreign, as well as the largest contribution to productive domestic product, and currently has 89 resorts, with a clinical capacity of more than 17,000, and provides global facilities at the level of tourism that exceed 600,000 tourists.
It is reached by Mali International Airport, which is located in Holly Island, near the financial capital, and the main flights are concentrated to India, Sri Lanka, and Dubai, and the main airports are located in the southern and eastern sides of the continent of Asia, and also there is a continuous increase in the numbers coming from Europe.


For a long period of time the Maldives was entirely dependent on fishing, and various marine products.


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