It is only a few days and it is summer time for us, so that the city of Alexandria is the best destination for visitors, with sea water, Greek archaeological sites as well as pavements and multiple parks. It is one of the cities that will amaze you with its beauty, even if you will not spend it in just a few days. And because we are in the Arab travelers, we know that you need someone who plans a wonderful tourist program for you, so we offer you the most beautiful tourist places that you can visit in Alexandria, for a pleasant vacation.

Tourist places in Alexandria

Initially, as soon as you reach that charming city, you have to take a deep breath. To leave room for the air loaded with sea water spray to enter your chest. It gives you hope again and helps you to renew the activity inside you.
And after that you have to have enough rest to start a distinctive tourist program, and rich in many places that some intend to visit.

First: Qaitbay Castle

  • You have to take advantage of the morning to go to the Bahri region, the one where the Qaitbay Fort lies right by the sea.
  • And that dates back to the year 882 AH, when it was built to protect the city from the attacks of the Ottoman Empire by the sea.
  • Although you will find it difficult to climb the stairs, the view from the top of the castle is worth it. You will soon reach the surface to find yourself surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is one of the charming scenes that was never forgotten.
  • Note that the entry ticket price is only five pounds for Egyptians, and a little more than that for other nationalities.
  • The castle welcomes its visitors from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

Second: The Aquarium

  • Once you leave the castle, you will be surprised by a sign bearing the name Aquarium. It is one of the museums that includes a large number of different types of fish and rare.
  • There is also an appendix of its own that includes a number of fossils, extinct creatures, and skeletons dating back to marine creatures from thousands of years ago.
  • You can take lots of memorial photos with it.

Third: the castle courtyard

  • In the castle’s exterior Al Bahah facing the sea, you can buy many souvenirs, which are sea snails, and sculptures.
  • As well as some of the medallions and figures bearing symbols about the city.

Fourth: Abu Al-Abbas Mosque

  • If the time for prayer comes, the Abu Abbas Mosque is a great Islamic edifice.
  • With it you can perform the imposition of God Almighty and enjoy these Islamic motifs on its walls.

Fifth: Yacht Marina

  • In the Anfoushi neighborhood or the Bahri area where we are still roaming, you will find many yachts as well as small ships that stand on the beach waiting for the fishermen. Which will amaze you with its beauty and delicate design.
  • You can also take a small felucca in the sea and enjoy an exciting cruise.

Sixth: Montazah Gardens

  • After the end of your tour in the Anfoushi neighborhood, you now definitely need some rest. You can return to your hotel or residence in Alexandria to get some rest and sleep. To continue the activity again in the afternoon.
  • It’s time for lunch. Don’t worry, you can have your meal at one of the restaurants in the Montazah Gardens, where you can enjoy seeing the various gardens in shapes and colors.
  • As well as charming views of the beach. Besides seeing the King Farouk palace and enjoying a special walk on the beautiful times.
  • Not only that, you can also go cycling, running or other various activities that your children will enjoy a lot.
  • Alongside the memorial photos, the parks gardens make impressive natural backgrounds.
  • Note that the ticket price is about forty Egyptian pounds, or more, on public holidays.

Seventh: The globe

  • One of the most popular places that everyone will advise you to visit, especially since it is close to the park, and it also has many entertainment places.
  • It has a beautiful playground that your children enjoy a lot and spend the cutest times.
  • It also has an exhibition that includes a number of gifts and commodities through which you can customize what you want.
  • As well as riding motorcycles and regular, and enjoy the fresh air coming from the sea.
  • The entry ticket price does not exceed 20 pounds per person.

Places for graduation in Alexandria

After spending a special tour in the morning, with lunch in the Montazah Gardens as well as enjoying an entertaining tour of the globe, it is time to shop, and among the best places you can shop from in Alexandria at night are:

San Stefano Mall

  • A commercial mall that includes a large number of different stores. It also has many international brands like lc wiakiki, Rojada, Wild, Concrete, and many, many more.
  • It also contains an entertainment area for children, as well as many cinema halls that include the latest Arabic and foreign films.
  • This is in addition to many fast food restaurants, pastry shops and cafes.

green Plaza

  • One of the most famous shopping areas in Alexandria, specifically in the Smouha area.
  • It includes a number of clothing stores, as well as famous restaurants. This is in addition to the famous Kraments amusement park and cinema halls.

City Center Carrefour

  • At the beginning of the desert road, there is the famous Carrefour store, which has branches in most Arab and foreign countries.
  • Also next to it is the City Center, which contains a number of shops that carry international brands, whether in clothes or shoes, as well as jewelry.

It was a simple tour to enjoy inside the bride of the Mediterranean, knowing that there are many other places we will bring you on our next trip.

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