The most famous and most beautiful place of tourism in Alexandria, we continue with you today a new trip in the city of Alexandria to get to know more places of tourism that we can spend most of the time, and enjoy through it a distinct and different journey from its predecessor. And because Arab travelers know that you are fully aware of the most famous places of tourism in that city, it offers you a bouquet of the most charming places that most visitors do not know about.

The most famous places of tourism in Alexandria

There is a group of places of tourism in the city of Alexandria that many people miss. Often their tour ends without a visit, including:

First: Palaces ignored by some in Alexandria

Cavafy Palace or Museum

  • It was originally an ordinary house inhabited by a Greek poet called Cavafy. After his death in 1933 this house turned into a palace that contains most of his recorded works, as well as his gifts and various foundation pieces. After bought by the Greek consulate in Alexandria.
  • Once you enter this palace, you will enjoy learning about ancient Greek literature, and these ancient collections. It is also located in the city center, in the Raml Station area.

Ras Al-Teen Palace

  • Close to the Cavafy Palace, in the Anfoushi neighborhood, we find Ras Al-Teen Palace, which has sea view.
  • His name is due to the fig trees that surrounded him from all sides, it is the only palace in the city that witnessed the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha rule the country.
  • In spite of the durability of the palace and its elegance, the remainder of it is represented in the eastern door, which contains columns of granite with crowns that highlight the originality of the Egyptian style.

Cleopatra’s Palace

  • One of the unique archaeological sites in Alexandria that many people are ignorant of is the underwater palace, which was discovered by scientists in the east of the city.
  • You can only see it if you prefer diving and swimming. It is one of the palaces that are still under the water, but you can roam around and know its most important features.
  • Not only this palace, but that the region in Abu Kir contains a lot of artifacts dating back to the era of Greece and the Ptolemies, along with some of the Pharaonic monuments, which made some call them, sunken archaeological areas.

Antoniadis Palace

  • One of the most beautiful tourist areas that you can enjoy visiting, dating back to the era of the Ptolemies.
  • The palace is surrounded by a large number of different gardens, which include marble statues of a number of famous Greek figures.
  • This is in addition to the colorful plants and trees, which give the place extra elegance and beauty.

Second: unknown archaeological areas

Kom el Shoqafa area

  • This area includes what is known as catacombs, and it is located in the Karmouz neighborhood in Alexandria. It dates back to the 2nd century BC.
  • It is a historical landmark through which the fusion between the Greek and the Pharaonic civilizations emerged. It is a set of stairs that ends in a major burial chamber with many mummies.
  • This is in addition to that room, in which many banquets were used to honor people after their death.

The area of ​​Kom Al-Dekka

  • When excavation began in this area in order to establish modern buildings in it, scientists discovered the existence of many ancient monuments, as well as the remains of the Ptolemy Temple, and a theater from the small Romen theaters. Beside the mosaic mural.

Third: The famous places of worship in Alexandria

The leader Ibrahim Mosque

  • One of the mosques that became famous after the revolutions in the Arab countries. It is located in the Raml Station area and features direct sea views.
  • Although it was built by a Russian engineer, it possesses a highly minaret of great creativity with a number of antique decorations.

Discotheque cathedral

  • Not only is it one of the oldest churches in Egypt, it is also one of the oldest in Africa in general.
  • It is more than 2000 years old and contains many distinctive motifs and patterns.

Fourth: Entertainment places that visitors ignore


  • It comes second to the Egyptian zoos. It is located in the Al-Nuzha neighborhood.
  • It includes many animals, whether domestic or predatory. Besides the reptile house and a number of gardens that you can stay.

Stanley Bridge

  • Although it is one of the newly built areas in Alexandria.
  • However, it cannot be ignored as a landmark of the sights there.
  • You can enjoy a stroll through it at night, as well as take souvenir photos with its dim lights.

The statue of sixes

  • One of the oldest markets in the Al Manshiya area.
  • It contains many popular shops, whether in clothing, cosmetics, or accessories.
  • Through it, you can live the popular atmosphere of the people of the city, and be close to their simple lives.

These were the most neglected destinations in Alexandria. Arab travelers wish you a happy trip.

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