There are many tourist cities in Serbia such as Sobitsa, Novi Sad and Nishe, but the tourist places in Belgrade are always described as the best and most popular tourist destination. The city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is one of the largest, most active and dynamic cities and provides economic levels of restaurants and hotels in a large way. The city is also considered one of the oldest cities in Serbia historically and its foundation dates back to the eighth century BC by the Romens, who left behind a large group of relics.

The best tourist places in Belgrade

Sightseeing in Belgrade

Belgrade Castle

The white castle from which the city took its name is the most important touristic place in Belgrade at all, it is one of the oldest military castles in the world as many legends and historical stories revolve around it. The castle is located on top of a mountain at an altitude of 126 meters and overlooks the Danube and Sava rivers, making it a natural picnic In addition to its historical value.Sightseeing in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park is nothing but the castle square, which has witnessed many conflicts and wars throughout its history. The word continued Turkish means "Castle Square" but has now turned into a wonderfully beautiful green square where tourists spend their hiking times.Sightseeing in Belgrade

Askarlia Street

Like all the ancient cities, there are main streets where tourists find the spirit, the juices of its history and civilization. The Iskadarlia Street in Belgrade is the place where tourists can get acquainted with the natures and traditions of the Serbian people. The historical street still contains some ancient historical restaurants dating back to the nineteenth century She serves her meals to the live music played on the street.

Republic Square

One of the most important tourist places in Belgrade, which is the main square of the city in which official ceremonies are held and citizens gather in different occasions. The square includes tourist places, the National Theater and the National Museum, and there are many cafes that overlook the square directly.

Zemun region

If you are a fan of ancient historical neighborhoods, you should visit the Zemun region, which tells the story of Belgrade's history in its buildings and narrow streets. The old quarter is characterized by its streets paved with stones and buildings that bear the features of medieval architecture and much of the authentic lifestyle of the Serbs.

Treasure Street Mihailovna

The city center of Mihailovna is located in the middle of the city, and it is the authorized place for walking tours for tourists, where they can shop souvenirs and artifacts. The street location makes it one of the most important tourist places in Belgrade, so it is possible to move to any part of the city easily and conveniently.

Avala Tower

One of the modern tourist attractions in Belgrade, which is the tallest tower not only in Serbia, but also on the whole of the Balkan Island, as it reaches a height of 204 meters.Sightseeing in Belgrade

St. Sava Cathedral

One of the largest places of worship in the Balkans, where the church accommodates more than 10,000 people at one time. Construction of the cathedral began in 1895 AD, but was completed in 2004 AD !!.

Tourist places near Belgrade

The city of “Belgrade” is distinguished by its average location in relation to many other tourist cities in Serbia.

Novi Sad - Novi Sad

It is one of the most accessible places from “Belgrade” and it is characterized by being surrounded by green agricultural lands where animals graze. Among the most famous and best natural places to visit when going to (Novi Sad) the Danube and the Gora Mountains. As for culturally and historically, these are The region is called "Athena Serbia" due to its cultural importance and the multiplicity of its artistic activities, as it holds the largest music festivals in the entire region of Eastern Europe.There are also many heritage places and ancient buildings such as (the group of secret tunnels) and the castle (Petrovaradin - Petrovaradin), which represent a great historical value in Serbia.

Resava Cave

The Cave (Resava) is one of the oldest natural phenomena in the world, with an estimated age of 800 million years !! It is considered one of the most important tourist places in and around Belgrade and is considered one of the national and natural treasures of the State of Serbia.The length of the cave is approximately 4.5 kilometers, while only 2,830 kilometers have not been explored so far. Tourists are allowed to go down to a depth of 800 meters in the interior of the cave, but the temperatures drop sharply until they reach 7 degrees Celsius while the humidity rate may reach 100 The interior of the cave contains an infinite number of halls, canals, columns, sediments, rock formations and fossilized water fountains. The cave is also distinguished by the diversity of colors and the reflection of shades in enchanting forms, which makes its visit a visual and cultural pleasure.


If you are a fan of waterfalls, there is a waterfall in Lisine near Belgrade, there is a waterfall (Veliki buk) with a huge height of approximately 25 meters. The waterfall for a period of time was considered the highest fountains of Serbia until I found new waterfalls that surpassed it.Visiting a waterfall (Veliki buk) is not complete without going to the city's restaurants, which are famous for serving special dishes of grilled fish and meat.

Krupaj fountains

One of the natural areas that tourists prefer to go after visiting the tourist places in Belgrade due to its calmness and charm. The thermal water eyes are mixed with the cold water flowing from the Krupaj springs, which makes it rich in the medical benefits for tourists.Also near the springs is another group of hot water eyes whose temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, which is a natural reserve due to its historical and human value.

Zlatibor Mountains

If there is one place that you should visit outside the touristic places in Belgrade, it should be without thinking the Zlatibor Mountains. Mount Zlatibor is the most prominent tourist landmark in the entire western Serbia region and is located 220 kilometers from the capital. This area attracts tourists throughout the year thanks to the offer from Tourism services and activities in addition to the presence of many historical and tourist places that can be visited. Some of the popular tourist activities in Zlatibor include recreational sports such as snow skiing in winter and mountain climbing in summer. There are also some historical places that can be visited such as the museum (ethno), the old village, as well as the Stopica cave with its rock formations and sediments hanging from the roof in addition to the grunt that runs Underground inside the cave. Not only does the beauty of the Zlatibor Mountains region depend on its natural features, but there is also a human attraction that has attracted the attention of many tourists around the world, namely the types of food served in this region.The region of Mount Zlatibor is famous for providing several very delicious varieties, including: (prsuta) dish, which is a type of smoked meat, and a dish (kajmak) of cream cheese varieties. As for drinks, there is tea specially prepared from the herbs of the mountain called (komplet lepinja) in addition to the traditional drink of the region This is called (sljivovica). The Zlatibor Mountains attract tourists who want a period of recovery and recovery due to its mild climate. In addition to its mild climate and the presence of vast green areas with fresh air, the region has positive effects on thyroid patients, heart diseases, anemia, and blood vessels, among others. .

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