There are tourist places in Buraydah that you will not believe how beautiful they are, how a group of these beautiful places and landmarks can be
Being together in one place is like this. Buraydah is the capital of the Qassim region in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is located on the city on the edge of Wadi Rumh and is considered
With a complete desert climate, the weather is hot in summer and cold in winter with very low humidity in all seasons. It is a city.
Agricultural first class, learn about its most important tourist attractions with us.

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The most beautiful and most important tourist places in Buraidah

Garden Talents Reserve For Birds

This amazing bird sanctuary was created with the personal efforts of the citizen Abdul Rahman Al-Subaie, who collected more than five hundred
One of more than forty different types of ornamental birds. The Garden Talents Bird Sanctuary is the largest bird park in Buraidah as a whole and is among the unparalleled places of tourism in Buraidah
It is unique. Anyone can enter the park, while the elderly, patients and people with disabilities can enter the park for free without any fees, the garden
A very beautiful place that no one misses the opportunity to be in Buraydah except that it must pass through it so do not forget to pass it also, especially with
your family.Garden Talents Reserve For BirdsGarden Talents Reserve For BirdsGarden Talents Reserve For Birds
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King Khalid Cultural Center

The King Khalid Civilization Center was opened in 1406 AH and is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Buraidah as it is a unique center where
Seminars and lectures of interest to all, seminars, graduation parties and festive festivals are held on various occasions.
And meetings, and the center contains all the necessary facilities in addition to other very enjoyable facilities such as the wonderful garden of the center
Theaters, dining halls, etc. The idea of ​​establishing the center came to commemorate the late King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the center is located right in the middle of the city to be
It is easy to reach by visitors and tourists. The center is characterized by its unique architectural design and excellent decoration from the inside and outside, while the garden attached to it is a popular destination.
For families and families, it is decorated with all kinds of plants and trees, as an ideal place to sit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.King Khalid Cultural CenterKing Khalid Cultural CenterKing Khalid Cultural CenterKing Khalid Cultural Center

The Equestrian Field Of Buraidah

Equestrian Square is located east of the city of Buraidah on the ring road towards the city center along King Fahd Road and occupies an area
Very large and huge, as it is the largest equestrian field in the Kingdom, and it is fully equipped to receive equestrian races and can accommodate
More than three thousand spectators. The Equestrian Square is a very important tourist place in the city, where tourists come specifically to Buraidah to watch one race on
Least, and this is something you should not miss while you are in Medina, as it is concerned with equestrian and camel too.The Equestrian Field Of BuraidahThe Equestrian Field Of BuraidahThe Equestrian Field Of BuraidahThe Equestrian Field Of Buraidah Read also: Al-Qassim parks … 10 very beautiful parks

Assailan Assil

Tasil Assailan is one of the most prominent tourist places in Buraydah, which the young people very much love, where they expel their energy and practice
Their favorite hobby, especially in the winter when the weather is nice. Young people come to Tasilan Aseelan in the gathering of SUVs and tanks to rise and descend high sand dunes and stay
Challenges and races. You can go there to see interesting challenges as the place is very popular with young people and tourists, and also you can
Participate if you want to show off your skills and win a challenge.Assailan AssilAssailan AssilAssailan AssilAssailan Assil

King Saud Library Buraidah

The King Saud Library was established in Buraidah in 1364 AH as the first public library in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is a phrase
It is a very beautiful architectural building located in the heart of the city on King Abdul Aziz Road. The library is full of various books in all fields in various languages ​​and visitors and tourists come to it from every direction. It is a masterpiece.
Architecture also, and if you are a fan of reading, it is the suitable tourist place for you in Buraidah in order to provide culture from different countries.King Saud Library BuraidahKing Saud Library BuraidahKing Saud Library BuraidahKing Saud Library Buraidah Read also: Qassim Malls .. The newest and largest malls

Buraidah Museum

The Buraydah Museum is located at the intersection of King Fah Road and King Abdulaziz Road, and the museum includes an impressive collection of historical artifacts
Startling ones. Those looking to know the history of the city and the Qassim region in general come to Buraydah Museum, the exhibits are
Good in the museum and displayed on the big screens inside. The museum provides visitors with a wonderful view of the region’s heritage and culture and its social activities in the past and includes historical and scientific halls
And cultural and also has a special section for the property of the late King Abdulaziz, founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Buraidah MuseumBuraidah MuseumBuraidah MuseumBuraidah Museum

Tower Of Buraidah

Buraidah tower is one of the distinct features and important milestones in Buraidah, and the idea of ​​creating the tower was to balance pressure in water systems
Buraidah, the tower reaches a height of sixty-six meters and contains a water tank with an area of ​​five thousand cubic meters.The tower has air-conditioned halls covered with insulating glass through which the city can be seen clearly, as it provides more than wonderful views of the city
Many prefer the ascension of the tower in order to see these striking views. The tower is decorated with lights and light rays that are illuminated at night, especially on holidays and special occasions so that the city looks from above as if it were covered with a rug of light.Tower Of BuraidahTower Of BuraidahTower Of BuraidahTower Of Buraidah also read: Tourist Places in Unayzah .. Your Photographer’s Guide !!

Al Oqailat Museum Buraidah

Al-Aqeelat Museum is interested in displaying the history of Al-Aqeelat through their photos, manuscripts, holdings and tools they used, and Al-Aqilat
They are the ancient men of Al-Qassim who incurred the hardships of traveling to trade across distant countries and had great credit for the flourishing trade in
The region and the entire Arab world. The museum contains many pictures of the families of these men, where there are more than three thousand pictures in all parts and a thousand and five hundred documents.
It narrates their history, hard life and heritage holdings. The museum also owns some of the relics and possessions of King Saud bin Abdulaziz, founder
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You should take advantage of your presence in the city and visit this wonderful museum, where you will know a very important part of the history of the region and the Arab world.Al Oqailat Museum BuraidahAl Oqailat Museum BuraidahAl Oqailat Museum BuraidahAl Oqailat Museum Buraidah

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