Tourist places in Cairo for families

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Cairo is the largest capital in Africa and overlooks the banks of the Nile, and its history dates back more than six thousand years. It was the capital of a large number of civilizations that invaded Egypt, so it is one of the most tourist places through which you can discover the history and culture of this country. It is a great destination for a family trip where it includes many tourist places such as the Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Park and the Pyramids of Giza, Old Cairo, and others.

Tourist places in Cairo for families..Get to know the world’s most ancient cultures, and enjoy an unparalleled vacation with your loved ones

The Pharaohs Village

A wonderful place to enjoy with your family, and it is a living museum through which you can learn about the history of this amazing civilization where; artists perform educational shows for the Pharaonic era, but in a fun way. The Pharaonic Village feels like you moved to another era, because of the live shows and exhibitions that are held professionally Exactly. The village also contains an amusement park, restaurants, shopping stores and an art center. All this makes it one of the best tourist places in Cairo for families. Ticket price: The cost of the ticket varies, depending on the offer. Children under the age of five are allowed free entry. Address: 3 Al-Bahr Al-Aazam Street, Yaqoub Island, Cairo.Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesThe Pharaohs Village

The Egyptian Museum

One of the most important tourist destinations in Cairo, which is not to be missed. Suitable for all ages so it is a fun family destination. It includes the largest collection of Egyptian antiques in the world, and therefore the Egyptian Museum is considered the ideal place to learn about the history of ancient Egypt and the Pharaonic civilization. Your children will be amazed to see the Royal Mummies room, as well as the treasures of King Tutankhamun. Ticket price: ten pounds for the Royal Mummies room, and four pounds for the rest of the museum. Address: Tahrir Square, Cairo.1581210759 730 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesThe Egyptian Museum

The Great Pyramids & the Sphinx

You cannot leave Cairo without visiting one of the seven most important wonders of the world, the pyramids, and the Sphinx next to them, who amazes everyone who sees them with their magic. One of the most important tourist places in Cairo for families, aside from; watching this wonderful monument, there are many activities that can be done. Including camel rides, or horses for a fun tour around the place, there are also pyramid rooms that will impress you and your family with the effects of, and treasures And, do not forget the walls full of Pharaonic inscriptions. Don’t miss the sun boat visit, which contains a number of Pharaonic artifacts which demonstrate the existence of an amazing unprecedented civilization. Also, don’t forget to take photographs, to immortalize those wonderful memories. Ticket price: two pounds. Address: Pyramids Road, Giza.1581210759 702 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesThe Great Pyramids & the Sphinx

Al Azhar Park

An oasis that contains vast green areas; it sends calm and peace away from the crowds and noise of Cairo. Al-Azhar Park was established on a hill, giving the capital a magical view. It is filled with palm trees and picturesque flowers. Beside the fountains, running water with a lake, a number of restaurants, and a children’s playground, many concerts are held in Al-Geneina theater in the garden. Fresh air, or exercise freely. It is also a place to enjoy, and children have fun where they can play, without facing any risks. Ticket price: five pounds. Address: Salah Salem Street, Al Darrasa, Old Cairo, Cairo.1581210759 97 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesAl Azhar Park

Saladin Castle

Salah El Din Castle is known as a fortress, and it is located in Al-Mokattam Hill in the center of Cairo, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city because of its unique location, and the charming view of Cairo that you can view from the top of the castle. The castle contains four museums; And the Egyptian Police Museum. The castle brings out the police and military power in Cairo during the Mamluk era. Ticket price: forty pounds. Address: Al-Abajiya, Department of the Caliph, Cairo.1581210759 286 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesSaladin Castle

Magic Galaxy

One of the tourist places in Cairo for families, as it is suitable for all family members, especially children up to 12 years old. It contains more than a hundred different games suitable for all ages where you can play with your children and enjoy an unforgettable time. Magic Galaxy also includes a special area for young children and infants so that the rest of the family can enjoy playing or shopping as well, because it is located in one of the The most important shopping malls in Egypt; City Stars. Ticket price: There is no ticket or a specific price, but you are given a card or card to play as you wish, and it is recharged whenever it ends for an amount of money.
Address: Fourth Floor, Fifth City Stars, Masaken Al-Mohandessin, Nasr City, Cairo.1581210759 367 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesMagic Galaxy

Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower consists of sixteen floors, and gives you a wonderful experience for you and your family during that charming city. It is considered one of the most important landmarks of Cairo, and it carries a distinctive architectural design, inspired by the plants that were growing in ancient Cairo. The tower gives you a breathtaking view of the most important landmarks of Cairo from the top such as; And the pyramids. There is a free telescope that enables you to see all of this in an ideal way. This is beside the Al Burj restaurant, which offers various drinks and snacks so that you can enjoy your time without feeling inferior or in need of anything. Ticket price: seventy pounds for adults, children under the age of six are allowed to enter for free. To record a video, you must pay twenty pounds. Address: Al-Burj Street, Al-Jazirah, Zamalek, Cairo.1581210759 190 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesCairo Tower


An educational city, and a children’s entertainment center containing buildings, streets, and transportation specifically designed for children. Children can exercise their dream job by playing, either they get money, or they pay to buy, and shop while the children learn about social life, and how to deal in a fun, entertaining way. Parents and adults can enjoy their time either through shopping, or enjoy fine food in a charming atmosphere, in one of the most important shopping and entertainment centers in Egypt; Cairo Festival City. Ticket price: Children under two years of age are allowed free entry, for children from two to three years a hundred pounds For children from four to fourteen years one hundred and thirty pounds, for adults eighty five pounds. Address: Ring Road, Cairo Festival City, New Cairo, Cairo.1581210759 522 Tourist places in Cairo for families - Tourist places in Cairo for familiesKidzania


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