Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!

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Dhahran City is a city of limestone mountains and wonderful beaches attractive to tourists and we will address the following the most important tourist places in Dhahran Dhahran is located 5 km from the city center of Khobar and is considered a major global center for the oil industry.

Tour of the most important tourist places in Dhahran:

Half moon beach:

Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!Half Moon Beach, one of the most prominent tourist places in Dhahran, enjoy the charming nature where the beach in its bow shape meets the clear blue sea water at sunset to give a fictional view of beauty and splendor, the beach was called the half moon or half moon as it was called by the first westerners who worked in the field of exploration On the oil of Saudi Aramco, where the beach takes a curved shape that resembles the text of the moon, the beach is characterized by its soft yellow sand and its free from deep pits, which made it a suitable and safe place for swimming lovers, as well as includes among its flanks a number of the best tourist resorts, which is an important attraction for visitors Whether from inside or outside the Kingdom, Half Moon Beach is a sand dune for sand ski enthusiasts, as well as amateurs for skiing with four-wheel drive cars, and the beach witnesses some sports races in the field of parasailing and car races, the beach also includes the coastal city of King Fahd, which includes several closed halls for games, which makes It is a unique and integrated place for a picnic on the sea, a theme park for children and adults, places for competitions and adventures. Read also: Dammam parks with pictures .. See the fun places for you and your family

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals:

1581225651 383 Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!The beauty of architectural design with the picturesque nature, one of the distinctive scientific platforms, which is one of the most prominent tourist places in Dhahran, where it was the first edifice for university education in the eastern region, which was built on the highest plateau in the city of Dhahran in 1963, and the university ranked first in the Arab world according to the evaluation of the Times QS year, 2009 It is a university that specializes in pure scientific fields and includes a large number of colleges. The university produces approximately 80% of Saudi patents.

Dhahran flower garden:

1581225651 615 Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!Some fun games for children in the flower garden Enjoy the fresh air, picturesque nature, and tranquility in one of the most beautiful gardens in Dhahran, where the flower garden is one of the coolest gardens due to its breathtaking beauty and the spread of green spaces that send joy to the chest and comfort for the soul and represents an ideal place for visitors who love nature, and the park also includes games for children Amid greenery, the flower garden is located in the northern district of Doha and is located on an area of ​​approximately 24500 meters, and it is considered a vital outlet for the people of the region. Read also: Recreational places in Khobar and Dammam

Dhahran Mall Complex:

1581225651 272 Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!The external interface of Dhahran Mall for lovers of shopping and buying clothes Enjoy one of the most prominent shopping malls in the eastern region, which is considered an oasis for shopping as it includes a large number of various stores of clothes, perfumes, shoes, bags and jewelry and also provides all international brands, and for your tour to be complete, Dhahran Mall complex contains one of the best tourist places in Dhahran has a large number of international and local cafes and restaurants that offer delicious cuisine, and also for children’s fun The mall includes a games hall that suits adults and children and a ski hall. In short, Dhahran Mall is a sophisticated integrated place that brings together Between fun and shopping under one roof.

King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center:

1581225651 51 Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!The unique steel design of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is an architectural marvelous and enormous edifice created by Saudi Aramco from the same location as the first oil spring in Saudi Arabia to clarify the Kingdom’s vision of society transformation for more urbanization and knowledge development, and the center includes among its parts a number of important accessories and facilities, which we will deal with, for example The Great Hall: It is a hall with a unique and innovative design near the entrance to the center, prepared and equipped with the latest technologies to host festivals, museums and exhibitions from all over the world. The events held in this hall provide an opportunity to watch and learn about the cultures of others and confirm p The Center of Energy Sciences: On a journey through time at the Energy Science Fair you will be able to see the beginnings of petroleum and the formation of underground rocks and digging in the desert to explore it through the refining and alternative energy stages of the Queen, the exhibition will be a great attraction for visitors and tourists, especially the use of technologies Modern and multimedia. Theater: For lovers of plays and direct artistic performances The theater was designed in an elegant and unique style that explains the progress of architecture and is equipped with 900 seats and special places for large visitors to embrace its wood the most interesting local and international artistic shows and to be a beginning and evening. This is for theater lovers to attend training workshops in that field. Museum: The museum will take you through its exhibitions on a tour of the history of art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from ancient times to contemporary and growing art and the natural and human history of the Kingdom and its ancient ancient Arab civilization, and the museum includes an art gallery, generations exhibition, treasures exhibition The Natural History Hall. The Innovation Center: a platform for creativity for Saudi male and female students who have a passion for research and invention. The exhibition includes 60 creative works to urge visitors who have the seed of innovation to move forward on their path, and the center will provide 300 workshops annually for those interested in the field of Severe Petkar.pachtsar is King Abdul Aziz Cultural Center complex, said an integrated culture and civilization and have fun and one of the most enjoyable and the most prestigious tourist places in Dhahran, where he will take you on a tour of the kingdom’s history through art, theater and beauty even innovation and ingenuity Alvkra.aqro also: tourist places in Dammam for families

Fun Oasis Games City:

1581225651 107 Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it - Tourist places in Dhahran .. get to know it!Some interesting games in the fun city games Oasis fun unique place of its kind, the city was designed in the form of an oasis with palm trees and drawings and designs that simulate nature, waterfalls and fountains to give a sense of comfort and be close to the Saudi environment and located within the commercial center of Granada and an area of ​​7200 meters and includes a large number of diverse games that Suitable for all ages and evokes an atmosphere of excitement and fun for visitors.


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