Guide to the best tourist places in Dubai for children two years , Enjoying a family vacation in Dubai is fun for children, as there are most entertainment cities and special events for children in Dubai to enjoy their holidays, today we have selected the top 10 attractions for children in Dubai, where we offer exciting and interactive experiences that ensure you spend a memorable vacation for your children.

The most popular tourist places in Dubai for children of two years:


Dolphinarium is a park in the garden of the most beautiful places for children in Dubai, which includes a water basin for dolphins and seals and provides entertainment and opportunities to take pictures with these beautiful objects and the theater offers events that are fun and beautiful

Ski Dubai:

  • The unique world takes you to the North Pole at the spectacular Ski Dubai Snow Park in Mall of the Emirates, which offers snowboarding and the opportunity to see wonderful penguins.
  • The park includes snow caves, ski runs, and snow-capped playgrounds to form an ice man in winter, as well as fun cafes serving hot drinks.

Bollywood parks:

  • From the world of Indian cinema, which fascinates adults before children, Bollywood Gardens at Dubai Park and Royorsports offers an enjoyable entertainment experience in an atmosphere of music, games and shows.
  • Visitors to Bollywood Parks enjoy a 3D tour, tips and tricks inspired by Bollywood stars.

Lego Land Theme Park:

Enjoy a world of youthful imagination Lego Land Park in Dubai Parque is a resort inspired by the popular LEGO game featuring a unique interactive style where cars, training or robots and toys, buy a beautiful game and ride water games.

Dubai Aquarium:

  • Children are as happy as diving under the sea! This is what Dubai Aquarium offers in The Dubai Mall, which contains large pools with 140 different types of aquatic life.
  • The Dubai Aquarium family enjoys watching sharks, crocodiles and other exciting things, as well as taking a boat tour through charming antiques and interactive exhibits.


KidZania City Entertainment provides children in the Dubai Mall the opportunity to have a life experience for adults and develop their personal skills through interactive educational games that give them specific roles in society, such as: Doctors and engineers who can perform their duties and earn money in the city’s entertainment currency.

Miracle Garden:

There is nothing more wonderful than accompanying children to an exciting world of nature magic with the miracle of the garden (garden of flowers) and plants and flowers designed from a world that changes with the season gives the child an oasis of beauty and love of nature.

The green planet:

Green Planet Park at City Walk is an attractive opportunity for children to learn about wildlife and see the tropical forests of 3000 species of animals, plants, birds and butterflies.


It is a world of adventure on an area equivalent to 28 soccer fields. The world city landmarks IMG are inspired by the unique atmosphere of famous Marvel characters who are known as Spider-Man, Iron Man avngers and a special area for dinosaurs.

Wild Wadi:

Wild Wadi Water Park provides fun water sports with 30 sets of regular and colorful waves and water slides, suitable for all ages to spend a fun day with the family.

Beach kite:

Kite is one of the most famous beaches in Dubai Beach, and there are many bright colors and attractive leafy beaches on the beach, and also contains a gym and adventures that attract children to them and lead them to play and have fun, because there are many places for lunch and dinner, and your children will definitely enjoy it when Go to the famous kite beach.

Desert Resort:

If your children love horseback riding, or if you intend to teach them horse riding at an early age, we recommend visiting a desert resort in Dubai, which allows horse riding to train children and live in the wonderful Bedouin life and take an unprecedented Arab cultural visit, and this will definitely be a fun and likable experience So children will want to go there many times.

Sega Republic:

The Republic of Sega is one of the most important tourist destinations for children, it is a park with many distinct recreational games that deserve experience, and you will find all the games that are very popular with young children and you will find that everyone used to go there for the purpose of recreational activities and exercises that give happiness and joy in The hearts of young children.

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