Tourist places in Dubai for grooms

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We often hear about the beauty of Dubai, the large number of tourist places in which it is located, so what are the most important landmarks that you must visit in the city in addition to the most suitable places for families and grooms and the advantages of every place where you will find in Dubai entire islands made by man to float on the surface of the water in a way that sleeps on the beauty and magic that Enjoying the city, we will get to know all of this in detail on the website of Arab travelers.

Best tourist places in Dubai for grooms:

Among the most important and most popular tourist destinations in Dubai are the following:

Dubai Fountains:

At the base of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai you will find the most beautiful and most surprising fountains around the world, which is in fact the largest dancing fountain around the world as it extends to cover an area of ​​thirty acres starting from the Burj Khalifa industrial lake and works to toss water at an altitude of more than 500 feet, which equals the height of fifty A floor of a autumn tower, and the best time to see the fountains is in the evening where you will find sunlight that shines on the fountains as if in a hug in a very poetic atmosphere, visitors can see the fountain from a distance of twenty miles. This makes it one of the brightest spots in the Arabian Peninsula, and perhaps also around the world.

The global village:

For 15 years, the global village is considered one of the best places of entertainment, culture and science in Dubai, and it allows shopping in many dazzling stores and a lot of amazing offers for cooking and many antique crafts are made in addition to displaying products from various countries in the national wing attached to the village.
There are a lot of tourist attractions in the global village, and many recreational activities are held, including horse riding and fire shows, and it is preferred to visit them between November and March every year, and the special period of the village may extend in the event that tourists are attracted to April .

Palm Jumeirah:

It is one of the largest island that man has done its work in the world, and it is designed in the form of a huge palm tree behind me from a trunk and a crown and seventeen thugs and the shape of the crescent that surrounds the palm from all sides in an elegant and attractive way, and the island has everything you need to spend an unforgettable vacation, starting with hotels World famous and various activities in addition to international shopping centers, fashion stores, pharmacies, swimming pools and beautiful sandy beaches.

Wild Wadi Water Park:

The park is one of the most beautiful water places around the world, and it is located directly in front of the Arab Hotel, and it offers many amazing games and recreational places suitable for everyone. It was designed to simulate the story of Juha, known to all, which is the most famous historical figure in the Arab heritage.

Heritage and diving village:

Heritage and diving village is one of the most important places that attract tourists in the city, which shows how antique life was in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and the village was built next to the diving village in the year 1997 AD and it is famous for old handicrafts such as ceramic kiosk, handicraft and many other initial works either As for the diving village, it is famous for pearl diving, in addition to giving the tourist an opportunity to get acquainted with the old customs and traditions of the old man, the characteristics of his private house, and how life was old and its different patterns.

Al Bastakiya Village:

Al Bastakiya Village is located along the Dubai Creek and it is known today as Al Fahidi, as it is one of the oldest residential places in the city and its construction dates back to 1890 AD by merchants with money who started building their houses between the narrow alleys across the wind towers, but today the city has completely changed After there was oil in it, most of the population was moved to new places in the city of Dubai, to become today one of the most important archaeological sites that express the old way of life in the United Arab Emirates.

gold market:

There is a gold market in the north of Dubai Creek, which is the largest market for selling gold in all countries of the world, and you will find wonderful collections of jewelry, gold and silver, which are characterized by many designs that vary between new and unique of its kind, traditional and traditional jewelry to suit all tastes and buyers.

The Great Mosque:

The Great Mosque is located within walking distance of the Dubai Museum and is known for the magnificence of the amazing engineering architecture that penetrates the horizon, through the high minaret, which is the highest minaret of a mosque in Dubai, and it is one of the most beautiful Islamic places in the city and most embodiment of the Islamic atmosphere known for calm and reverence. Usually Arabs go to visit this important mosque and see closely.

Tourist places in Dubai for families:

The Dubai Mall:

It is one of the largest shopping centers in the city, and it contains more than 1100 shops in addition to a whole underwater world, ice skating rinks and a dancing fountain which will make you and your family a lot of fun and you will be able to spend unforgettable times.

Marina water bus:

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai for families, the cost of entry to the wonderful bus is two dirhams per adult and is free for children, and it contains many exciting and exciting activities, and many snacks and different juices are suitable for everyone, the bus consists of a large place that includes a part for walking, playing and places to sell Various things, they are fully air-conditioned and have recreational activities suitable for all ages.

Sailing club:

It is one of the best places for fun on the beach and swimming and taking a tour through the boat and gives you the opportunity to relax and get a lot of tranquility and tranquility in a unique family atmosphere and enables you to notice your children are having fun with ease. You will find many restaurants that prepare the most delicious types of food and their menu is very diverse to suit all tastes.

Subway ride:

Many families that visit Dubai for the first time feel a lot of pleasure and excitement when riding the metro, as it is one of the activities that provides you with an opportunity to see the entire city and learn about its various features and it is preferable not to ride it during rush hours to avoid congestion, and you can use the metro to move between Dubai Mall to Dubai Marina It will be an amazing trip for the whole family and you will want to repeat it many times.

Galleria Mall:

It is one of the most beautiful and most joyful and exciting places at all where your children can climb the walls of various shapes. You can also shop in the mall, buy your different needs, eat in the most luxurious restaurants, and sit in cafes in order to take a rest.


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