Tourist places in Dubai

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Tourism in Dubai

Dubai has developed rapidly after discovering its oil wells, and thanks to the care of its rulers and their interest in the development of the city in all its aspects, this development contributed to Dubai entering the world of tourism strongly, to be one of the most important tourist cities around the world, and the first destination for many tourists and seekers of fun and entertainment, Dubai may be free of tourist attractions or religious attractions that attract tourists, but it contains a number of the most famous recreational tourist areas in the whole world.

Tourist places in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa was built to be the highest tower in the world, this tower is characterized by the magnitude of its size and the beauty of its architecture, which made it an icon of the beauty icons that the city of Dubai boasts, Burj Dubai is characterized by the presence of a balcony dedicated to tourists at the highest summit in it, to be the highest tourist balcony around the world, where It reveals a large part of the city of Dubai and other attractions, and this balcony also has a pool to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the highest pool in the world.

Dancing fountain

This fountain is located in front of the Dubai Mall, which makes it distinct from other fountains around the world, because it contains a large number of water pumps that pump water in harmony and harmony with the sound of Gulf and Arab music accompanying it, which makes it appear to dance and shake with all professionalism with these melodies and melodies, In addition to laser colors that merge with the water and move in harmony with it.


Dubai land or Dubailand as it is known, is the dream that every person seeks to visit and spend the remainder of his life in it, Dubailand contains many sports fields, which enables everyone to exercise their sports hobbies freely, such as a huge golf course, and auto racing arenas with International standards, with horse riding trails.

Water park

It is a city in the full sense of the word where there are villas and apartments for rent, and it is possible to spend several days in it without getting bored of it, or finish the experience of huge and entertaining water games in it, in addition to the availability of huge and multiple water games and a place dedicated to artificial surfing, and the city of water games also contains The second longest water slide in the world.

Various parks

The city of Dubai is distinguished for its diverse number of parks that take the breath of its visitors as the flower garden and butterfly garden, which are considered the largest in the world in terms of size and achievement, and their content of flowers and butterflies around the world, in addition to the zoo that is almost devoid of any kind of animal, even threatened Extinct from them.


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