Guide to the most famous tourist places in France is recommended to visit, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist countries known globally, and which enjoy unspeakable aesthetic and tourism advantages, as the splendor of its architecture and its richness are important archaeological sites, and the beauty that takes the core. Here, we show the most important tourist places in France, the icon of beauty, the home of art and the cradle of culture.

The most famous tourist places in France:

  • Paris:

It is the capital of France whose lovers are hot to call it, they called it the city of love and some called it the city of light, it is that witch seated on the throne of fashion, entertainment and arts, and then the throne of tourism is the kiss of the luxury and the rich and this is due to its enjoyment of its architectural and tourism richness, where it embraces the most famous Tourist attractions, the most vital of which are the following:

  • The Eiffel Tower, one of the wonders of the whole world, which is internationally famous, as it is located on the Seine River and enjoys a high elevation of 324 meters, and it accounts for the largest proportion of tourists who come to it annually from all parts of the world.
  • The Champs-Elysées, a vibrant, elegant, and luxurious street that leads the most famous street in France and is a world trade center where it houses the largest shops and its side roads speak of development and wealth.
  • The famous Arc de Triomphe, which is 50 meters high and is located at the entrance to the Champs-Elysées, is no less famous than the Eiffel Tower.
  • Concorde Square, designed by a French engineer named Angie Jacques Screeners east of the Champs Elysées Street, contains a major Egyptian obelisk.
  • The Latin Quarter is an old neighborhood known to Paris, and it is one of the vibrant neighborhoods with shops, cafes and places that reflect the most wonderful manifestations of French fashion.
  • Paris Disneyland, one of the most important recreational areas, where there are two theme parks and 7 luxury restaurants and of course it is one of the most famous places that attract tourists to Paris.
  • The magnificent Paris gardens, which are wonderfully designed and old, and have beautiful lakes, as well as some important monuments.
  • Paris Palaces, which is a group of the most famous and most beautiful palaces in the whole of Europe and reflects the architecture in its best forms and then it is very popular and highly popular with visitors from all over the world.
  • The Churches of Paris, which is a group of distinguished churches distinguished by its sophistication and architectural beauty, among which are the Churches of Sainte-Chapelle, the Church of the Sacred Heart and the Church of Notre Dame or the Virgin Mary.


It is one of the most important French cities that are an architectural and engineering lighthouse, and it is located at the River Isle and represents a large tourist attraction and has a number of distinct French monuments, for example, the Strasbourg Cathedral and Gutenberg Square and the orange gardens known as its perennial trees and also contain a large number of very rare plants In addition, the city of Strasbourg enjoys that it includes some important historical museums, including the famous Strasbourg History Museum and the Chocolate Museum, which tells the story of the history of chocolate from the ground up, where it has become today and also the Museum of Modern Art.


Among the most magnificent natural attractions in France, in addition to its distinguished location and picturesque nature, Chamonix enjoys a number of good hotels, including the Mont Blanc Chamonix hotel, which is a distinguished five-star hotel.

France, forget:

It is a charming city by all standards and combines its flanks with the most wonderful natural monuments, including Lake Anse, which is the third largest lake in France and is suitable for water sports enthusiasts, including the Lotiux River known for its cleanliness and has a great impact on productive activities and the progress of industry, including also the picturesque gardens of Europe with a vast area Parties and meant by nature lovers.

It was:

The city of Cannes is one of the most famous landmarks of France, which contains wonderful attractions and attractions for tourism, the most famous of which is the Palace of Festivals and the Conference Hall, which is a place dedicated to meetings and celebrations, which is characterized by the splendor of its style, including the old city of Cannes and the Museum de la Mer, which is located on the island of Saint Marcourette and is concerned with displaying marine creatures extracted from the bottom The sea and here is a lively croissant street, vibrant with art.


It is a coastal city with several beaches and rich in its historical and tourist attractions, the most famous of which are the Phoenix Park, the old city of Nice, the Anfles Park and the Corsalia flower market where souvenirs are sold.


It is one of the most beautiful French cities, whose beauty increases the magnificence and importance of it, including the Colmar Hotels Group, the old city of Colmar, Maison de Tess and the Aldo Meccan Church, in addition to the Interlinden Museum and the Little Venice.

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